When “The Voice” kicks off week two of the battle rounds, all four of the coaches have already used their save. John is the only coach to use his one steal for this round.

Team Legend gets the night of music started off with Joshua Vacanti and Keilah Grace with “good 4 u”. Kelly called the performance so good and a really fun pairing. Blake said that he wasn’t sure what happened on the stage but they both sounded great. Ariana called the performance emotional and energetic. John said that they knocked it out of the park. Saying that both of them made him proud, John chose Joshuaas the winner of the battle. Ariana regrets not stealing Keilah.

Blake paired fiddle player Carson Peters and Clint Sherman for the Vince Gill song “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slipping Away”. Both guys are playing the guitar on this song. Ariana called it one of her favourite performances; adding that both sang it so well. Kelly said that Carson looks like a country Patrick Swazey. Blake thanked the guys for working hard on the song; adding that they stepped up to the plate and did a great job. Blake chose Carson as the winner of the battle.

In a video clip…
Kelly paired Holly Forbes and Wyatt Michael for a battle of “Sunny” with Holly winning the battle.

Ariana paired Sophia Bromberg and Jim and Sasha Allen for a battle of “Sign, Sealed, Delivered” with Jim and Sasha winning the battle.

Ariana paired Raquel Trinidad and Hailey Mia for a battle of the Rolls Royce hit “Car Wash”. John called it a fun song selection; adding that it was so fun. Kelly said that she adores both of the girls; adding that there is a path for both of them on the show. Blake loves both girls voices. Ariana chose Raquel as the winner of the battle. Kelly stole Hailey Mai.

Kelly paired Gymani and Aaron Hines for a battle of “working”. Blake said that they both did a great job. Ariana said that she loves both singers and adores their voices. John said that they are both truly excellent singers. Kelly said that she had so much fun; adding that they elevate each other. Kelly chose Gymani as the winner of the battle.

John paired Sabrina Diaz and Jack Hogan for a battle of “cardigan” by Taylor Swift. Kelly called the performance so cool with the storytelling and not with just their voices. Blake said that they both did a great job. Ariana said that it was a beautiful rendition of the song. John said that the performance was so well done. Saying that both of them are wonderful, John chose Sabrina as the winner of the battle.

In another video clip…
John paired Janora Brown and Shadale for a battle with Shadale winning the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Blake pairs Wendy Moten and Manny Keith for a battle. Wendy sang with Dierks just two weeks before the battle rounds. The duo are singing the Sting hit “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You”. Ariana said “oh my god;” adding it was an incredible performance. John noted that it almost felt like they weren’t performing together. Kelly said that if Wendy isn’t in the finals, there is something wrong with the world. Blake chose Wendy as the winner of the battle. As Manny was walking off the stage, Ariana pushed her button to steal Manny.

The battle rounds conclude on Tuesday.

Team Ariana:
Katie Rae
Bella DeNapoli – save
David Vogel
Katharine Ann Mohler
Jim and Sasha Allen
Raquel Trinidad
Manny Keith – steal

Team Legend:
Samuel Harness
Gershika Maple – steal
Samara Brown – save
Joshua Vacanti
Sabrinaa Diaz

Team Kelly:
A Girl Named Tom
Kensey Rose – save
Jeremy Rosado
Xavier Cornell
Holly Forbes
Hailey Mia – steal

Team Blake:
Peedy Chavis
Hailey Green
Lana Scott – save
Carson Peters
Wendy Moten