The blind auditions are over and all of the teams are filled. Now it is time for the battles to begin on “The Voice”. Again this year, the coaches enlist a little help to help coach their singers.

For the first time ever on “The Voice” there are four groups in the competition.

Blake brought in Dierks Bentley
Ariana brought in Kristen Chenoweth
John brought in Camilo Cabello
Kelly brought in Jason Aldean

The save and the steal returns.

Up first is team Ariana with Bella DeNapoli and Katie Rae for the Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer hit “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)”. John loved the build in the performance to a powerhouse. Kelly called the performance “so rad”. Blake noted that the performance began like an old movie. An emotional Ariana called the performance phenomenal. Ariana chose Katie Rae as the winner of the battle. Ariana pushed her button to save Bella DeNapoli.

John paired up KJ Jennings and Samuel Harness for a performance of the Camila Cabelo and Sean Mendes song “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Kelly said that they both did a really good job. Ariana noted that it was hard to decide. John noted that the chemistry between the two was great; adding that they both nailed it. John chose Samuel as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired A Girl Named Tom and Kensey Rose for a performance of “Seven Bridges Road”. Blake said that they need to be singing together all the time. Ariana called the performance incredible; adding that they sound like they should be a group. John called the performance inspiring and beautiful. Kelly said that it is a special thing to have them all on her team. Kelly chose A Girl Named Tom as the winner of the battle. Kelly pushed her button to same Kensey. John and Blake pushed their buttons to steal. Ariana added her name after host Carson Daly asked her to choose which team she wanted to be on. Kensey chose to remain with team Kelly.

Blake paired Peedy Chavis and The Joy Reunion for a battle of the Three Dog Night song “Joy to the World”. Ariana called it an infectious joyous performance. John said that they truly felt the joy. Kelly loved the harmonies. Blake chose Peedy as the winner of the battle.

Ariana paired David Vogel and Chavon Rodgers for a battle of ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down”. John called the performance really really good. Kelly called it one of her favourite battles. Blake said that it was almost like watching a band. Ariana said that she was looking forward to the performance and it is very hard to decide. Ariana chose David as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Kelly paired Gershika Maple and Jeremy Rosado for a performance of the Justin Bieber song “Hold On”. Blake said that he didn’t know that they have ever had any battles this good before. Ariana called it an incredible performance. John was most moved by the heart he heard coming from the both of them. Kelly called them amazing powerhouse vocalists; adding that they raised each other up. Kelly chose Jeremy as the winner of the battle. John and Ariana pushed their buttons to steal Gershika…but fans will have to wait until tomorrow to learn who she chose.

Team Ariana:
Katie Rae
Bella DeNapoli – save
David Vogel

Team Legend:
Samuel Harness

Team Kelly:
A Girl Named Tom
Kensey Rose – save
Jeremy Rosado

Team Blake:
Peedy Chavis