The manufacturers in the Camping World Truck Series – Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota – will remain for the next racing season in 2022; however, NASCAR has authorized some “tweaking” to the body in the form of new noses and tails. The new designs will be more in align with the trucks found on the street

NASCAR has long desired to have all of its vehicles look the same, but is allowing the change to make the truck more recognizable to the truck buying public.

NASCAR promises that the changes will not alter the on track thrills currently seen by race fans.

NASCAR’s senior vice president of innovation and racing development John Probst said, “I think you’ll see a lot more characteristics of the production trucks in the trucks that you see on track in 2022.” He added, “they look really good with all that additional styling on the fenders and the hood and in the lower nose. It’s even striking again when you see them all painted up with the decals on them and the paint schemes they implement. There’s a lot of thought that went behind them. I think the fans are going to be over the moon with how these trucks look.”

The proposal for the new designs were first submitted last year. After all three manufacturers passed the wind tunnel test on the first attempt, NASCAR approved the changes.

Like the Xfinity Series cars, the new nose and tail pieces of the 2022 truck designs will be composed of the stronger composite material in stead of the current sheet metal.

The racing teams will be given the option of using the new designs or the current design for the 2022 season to aid in managing the finances of building trucks.