Years ago Bela Fleck turned bluegrass music on its head with his band New Grass Revival; Them Coulee Boys have done it again for Americana and folk-grass music with their latest album “Namesake” when they perform songs in their Americana style but using electronic instruments.

The 10 song album is the band’s fifth release – after three full length albums and an EP. When the pandemic hit and the world locked down, the band gathered in their rehearsal space and began writing. The result is “Namesake”.

Believing that music is the ultimate healer, Them Coulee Boys members until August 10 are donating the proceeds from “Phil’s Song” to the suicide prevention organization Just Live, Inc. Soren Staff and Beau Janke penned the song after the death of friend Phil Marks in 2019.

Them Coulee Boys tour dates:
Aug 7 at Gitchigrass in Superior, WI
Aug 13 at Ashely for the Arts in Arcadia, WI
Aug 14 at the Ledgestone Vineyards in Greenleaf, WI
Aug 15 at the Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire, WI
Aug 19-21 at Campout at the Cabin in Elkader, IA
Aug 27 at The Lift in Dubuque, IA
Sept 3 at Wildwood in Iowa City, IA
Sept 4 at the Labor of Love Festival in Franklin, WI
Sept 5 at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL
Sept 5 at the Big Top Chautauqua in Washburn, WI
Sept 17 at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock, MI
Sept 18 at the Skal House in Mt. Horeb, WI
Sept 30 at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green, WI
Oct 1 at the Weill Center in Sheboygan, WI
Oct 2 at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, WI

feature photo credit: IVPR