Native American actor Saginaw Grant died in Hollywood his sleep as a result of natural causes on July 28, 2021; just one week after his 85th birthday.

While Grant is best known as an actor, he was the hereditary chief for the Sac and Fox Nation. He made his home in Hollywood where he worked, but never left his Oklahoma or Native roots.

When not on the set, Grant could often be found participating in PowWow events. He also spoke at events on the life and culture of Native Americans.

After getting his acting start in a car commercial, Grant appeared in over 50 productions including his 1988 debut in “War Party”, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, “Harts of the West”, “Nash Bridges”, “Baywatch”, “Grey Owl”, “Legend of the Phantom Rider”, “My Name is Earl”, “Saving Grace”, “American Horror Story”, the 2013 “Lone Ranger” movie, “Breaking Bad”, “Shameless”, “Wind Walkers”, “Baskets” “Veep”, and “Valley of the Gods”.

He was born Morgan Saginaw Grant on July 20, 1936 in Pawnee, Oklahoma but was raised in Cushing, Oklahoma on a farm with his brothers and sister. He was the grandson of a medicine man – a a role he often played. A young Saginaw learned a great deal about his people form both of his grandfathers.

A Korean War veteran, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Grant is survived by his adopted daughter, actress Mariana Tosca.

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