The playing season for the thousands of college baseball players has ended with the Mississippi State Bulldogs taking home the College World Series trophy.

As the Major League players prepare for the annual All Star break and game, MLB begins the drafting process for college and high school players to become the next generation of Major League players.

For the first time from Denver, the first round of the draft takes place on Sunday night.

After a Covid shortened five round draft in 2020, this year the draft will be 20 rounds; and unlike the NFL and NBA drafts, teams cannot trade picks.

The players selected in the draft have until August 1 to decide whether they will take the contract offered or opt out and go or return to college.

After opening remarks and welcomes by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the Pittsburgh Pirates make to first pick of the draft when the name Catcher Henry Davis from Louisville.

The Texas Rangers select pitcher Jack Leiter from Vanderbilt University.

The Detroit Tigers select pitcher Jackson Jobe from Heritage Hall High School.

The Boston Red Sox select short stop Marcelo Mayer from East Lake High School.

The Baltimore Orioles select outfielder Colton Cowser form Sam Houston.

The Arizona Diamondbacks select short stop Jordan Lawlar form Jesuit High School.

The Kansas City Royals select pitcher Frank Mozzicato from East Catholic High School.

The Colorado Rockies select outfielder Benny Montgomery form Red Lane High School.

The Los Angeles Angels select pitcher Sam Bachman from Miami of Ohio.

The New York Mets select pitcher Kumar Rockder from Vanderbilt.

The Washington Nationals select short stop Brady House from Winder-Barrow High School.

The Seattle Mariners select catcher Harry Ford form North Cobb High School.

The Philadelphia Phillies select pitcher Andrew Painter from Calvary Christian High School.

The San Francisco Giants select pitcher Will Bednar from Mississippi State.

The Milwaukee Brewers select outfielder Sal Frelick from Boston College.

The Miami Marlins select short stop Kahlil Watson from Wake Forest High School.

The Cincinnati Reds select short stop Matt McLain from UCLA.

The St. Louis Cardinals select pitcher Michael McGreevy from Santa Barbara.

The Toronto Blue Jays select pitcher Gunnar Hoglund from Ole Miss.

The New York Yankees select short stop Trey Sweeney form Eastern Illinois.

The Chicago Cubs select pitcher Jordan Wicks from Kansas State.

The Chicago White Sox select short stop Colson Montgomery from Southridge High School.

The Cleveland Indians select pitcher Gavin Williams from East Carolina University.

The Atlanta Braves select pitcher Ryan Cusick form Wake Forest.

The Oakland Athletics select short stop Max Muncy from Thousand Oaks High School.

The Minnesota Twins select pitcher Chase Petty from Mainland Regional High School.

The San Diego Padres select short stop Jackson Merrill from Severna Park High School.

The Tampa Bay Rays select short stop Carson Williams from Torrey Pines High School.

The Los Angeles Dodgers select pitcher Maddux Bruns from UMS-Wright Prep.

In the compensation picks…
The Cincinnati Reds select outfielder Jay Allen from John Carroll Catholic High School.
The Miami Marlins select catcher Joe Mack from Williamsville East High School
The Detroit Tigers select pitcher Ty Madden from Texas
The Milwaukee Brewers selected second baseman Tyler Black from Wright State University
The Tampa Bay Rays select second baseman Tyler Kinney from The Baylor Schools
The Cincinnati Reds select catcher Matheu Nelson from Florida State

The Minnesota Twins select Noah Miller from Ozaukee High School