Progressive rockers Caravan has planned a limited edition release of a 37 deluxe set titled “Who Do You Think We Are?” on August 20.

Only 2,500 copies will be made available.

The set includes every album ever recorded by the band including live albums plus nearly a dozen discs of previously unreleased material.

Along with the music, the collection includes a hardcover coffee table book of photos and a full discography. A second book includes press articles and an interview with band member and founder Pye Hastings.

Each package also includes an autographed photo by Pye Hastings, Richard Sinclair and David Sinclair – the three surviving original members.

Among the memorabilia included in the collection is a map of Canterbury with Caravan at the center, a Caravan family tree poster, plus two gig posters.

Amazon has the package listed for pre-order at $489.99.

Over 50 years ago a group of musicians came together in Canterbury to form the band Caravan.