When it comes to violations of the NASCAR rule book, NASCAR officials have a zero tolerance policy.

After it was discovered that Cup Series spotter Eddie D’Hondt – who is currently the spotter for Hendricks Motor Sports driver Chase Elliott – had recently been arrested,D’Hondt was immediately suspened indefinitely.

According to reports, Hickory Police Department, D’Hondt was arrested May 12 and charged with two misdemeanor counts for battery of an unborn child and assault on a female.

NASCAR suspended the spotter for violating the Member Conduct Guidelines – section 12.8.1.e of the NASCAR rule book which states: “Being charged with or convicted of significant criminal violations (e.g. Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Assault), or having had determinations rendered by criminal or civil authorities that in NASCAR’s judgement necessitate action. NASCAR will not pre-judge guilt or innocence in the criminal or civil legal system, or the guilt or innocence of the Member, but rather review each matter in its own context and circumstances and with regards to its potential effects upon the sport.”

NASCAR also stated that D’Hondt also violated Section 2.11 of the rule book which states: “Any NASCAR Member charged with any violation of the law (misdemeanor and/or felony) shall notify NASCAR … prior to the next scheduled Event or within 72 hours of being so charged, whichever is earlier.”

A suspension by NASCAR does not equate a suspension by the team owner/employer. D’Hondt is an employee of Hendrick Motorsports who has also suspended the spotter. HMS issued a statement saying, “We became aware of the situation this morning and have immediately and indefinitely suspended Mr. D’Hondt’s role with our company. We are taking this matter very seriously and will continue to seek additional information about the alleged incident.”

Currently Chase Elliott’s cousing Trey Poole is listed as the new spotter for the number nine team. Last week at Circuit of the America’s, Poole was one of the three spotters used at the 3.41 mile track; along with D’Hondt and Elliott’s father and former racer bill Elliott.

Along with spotting for Elliott, D’Hondt spotted for the JR Motorsports driver of the number seven car Justin Allgaier in the Xfinity Series and for Hattori Racing driver of the number 16 truck driven by Austin Hill in the Camping World Truck Series.

Prior to joining Hendrick Motorsports in 2016 for Elliott’s rookie year, D’Hondt served as a spotter for Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch.