On May 6, The Strong Museum and the World Video Game Hall of Fame announced the newest members of the Video Game Hall of Fame.

Last year 12 finalists were announced for possible induction into The Hall – “Animal Crossing”, “Call of Duty”, “FarmVille”, “FIFA International Soccer”, “Guitar Hero”, “Mattel Football”, “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, “Pole Position”, “Portal”, “StarCraft”, “Tron”, and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”.  Of those 12, Animal Crossing”, “Microsoft Flight Simulato”r, “StarCraft”, and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” were all selected to join the games on the second floor at The Strong.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees are selected based on their influence on popular culture and their longevity as a cross generational entertainment activity.  The Video Game Hall of Fame includes all manner of video games whether is be arcade, console, computer, handheld, and mobile.  New inductees are selected by industry experts each year.

Since its debut in 2001, “Animal Crossing” has offered players a no stress leisurely game in a town setting where they can build a life by completing a variety of activities.

The “Microsoft Flight Simulator” has given players the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a pilot for nearly 40 years.  The Flight Simulator offers a real time experience in the cockpit in a variety of planes.

Debuting in 1998, “StarCraft” is an immersive science fiction game for single or multiple players.  Winning multiple Game of the Year Awards, StarCraft has spawned books, toys, clothing, and gaming accessories.

“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” began as a game in 1985 and has since exploded into a world of its own with a hit television franchise that has made learning about geography fun for generations of school children.  The game has since spawned numerous versions of the game and program sequels.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is housed on the second floor of The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.  The Strong also features the National Toy Hall of Fame (also on the second floor) and hundreds of interactive exhibits and displays including a miniature grocery store complete with check out lanes, a replica of “the stoop” on “Sesame Street”, super heroes, a post office, and story book characters.

photos courtesy of The Strong in Rochester, New York