It is not uncommon for on track conflicts to lead to retaliation and even off track altercations.  However, bringing out a caution flag on purpose or hurling equipment is seriously frowned upon by racing authorities and often leads to fines and penalties.

Long gone are the days when racers could “settle” their differences off track unseen; cameras are everywhere and the footage quickly makes its way through the ether to millions of race fans, officials, and internet trolls.

Last fall, kart racing driver Luca Corberi took his frustrations of being knocked out of the race by throwing a piece of his kart car at one of his competitors.  He missed and another driver hit the debris.  After the race, Corberi sought out the rival driver and engaged in a fisticuffs match.

Corberi took to Facebook to issue an apology to his racing rival – Paolo Ippolito -; adding that he was retiring from racing.

It has taken six months, but the FIA has handed down Corberi’s penalty for the altercation – a 15 year ban from racing in all FIA sanctioned events.

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