Science fiction has long been an outlet for social commentary; but it is music, especially folk music, that leads the way when it comes to expressing thoughts and feelings of society itself and current events.

Folk artist Reggie Harris offers not only his thoughts on current events, but has a long standing Old Folkie answer to a current problem…LOVE!

The most recent recipient of the Folk Alliance International Spirit of Folk Award has just released his new album “On Solid Ground” that features 13 songs that include themes that have long been a staple of Harris’ career but take on a whole new meaning in an age of heightened racism, racial injustice, and hate.

Sliding from one genre to another, Harris penned nine of the 13 songs on the album; which also includes “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles, “Hello in There” by John Prine, and “It Isn’t Nice” by Malvina Reynolds.

Harris notes that “On Solid Ground” is an album that is about healing and inspiration in this age of injustice and dissension.

Like many of America’s citizens of colour, Harris can trace his ancestry back to slavery…and a mixed parentage; for Harris it is a Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham and one of his slaves – Bibhanna Hewlett.  As a child growing up in Philadelphia, Harris was a part of the movement toward integration and the civil right movement.

“On Solid Ground” tracklisting:
“It’s Who We Are”
“My Working Bones”
“Come What May”
“Standing in Freedom’s Name”
“All You Need is Love”
“On Solid Ground”
“May It’s Love
“Hello in There”
“Rise Up/March On”
“It Isn’t Nice”
“Let’s Meet Up Early”
“Tree of Life”
“High Over the Hudson”

Feature photo credit: IVPR Media