Last week Lionel, Luke, and Katy revealed the top 24 singers to move on and to perform before a live audience and fan votes, “American Idol” has brought in some all star performers to join the top 24 to perform once in a lifetime duets.

After having to stay home last week due to a possible Covid-19 exposure, Lionel returns to join his fellow judges in the theatre.

On Sunday 12 of the singers will take the stage where fans will vote for their favourites.  Eight of the 12 will move on.

For the first time in two years, Idol singers will perform before a live, socially distanced (in pods) audience.

Alanis Sophia takes the stage for a performance of “Alive” by Sia.  Jimmie Allen joins Alanis for a performance of “Shallow”.  Katy enjoyed the solo performance; adding that it was controlled.  But, she felt that Alanis was a bit overwhelmed in the duet.  Luke said that Alanis has an amazing voice but needs to learn how to own the stage.  Lionel agreed with Luke; adding that her nerves got the best of her.

Cassandra Coleman performed “Find Me” for her solo performance.  She is joined by One Repulic’s Ryan Tedder for “Apologize”.  Lionel called it a great performance but noted he could see her trying to concentrate.  Luke said that she needs to control the nerves.  Katy called Cassandra’s voice an otherworldly experience.

Alyssa Wray performs “Something in the Water” by Idol winner Carrie Underwood.  Alyssa pairs up with Idol alum Katherine McPhee (Foster) for a performance of a Whitney Houston song “I’m Your Baby Tonight”.  Lionel said that watching Alyssa perform is like trying to cap a volcano; adding that the duet looked like they had been doing it for years.  Katy noted that Alyssa was the first singer to feel comfortable with a star.  Luke called Alyssa a star on the stage.

Wyatt Pike performs “rubberband”.  Luke noted that Wyatt felt like a star.  Ben Rector joins Wyatt for a performance of “Brand New”.  Ryan said that Wyatt looked like he had been living on the stage.  Katy noted that Wyatt practiced; adding that he could go on tour right now and fit in.  Luke admits that he was emotional the whole time; adding that Wyatt was in his moment.  Lionel noted that Wyatt owned the moment.

Alana performed “Blow Your Mind” by Dua Lipa.  Award winning performer Brian McKnight joins Alana for a performance of “Back at One” – a song that earned him a Songwriter of the Year award.  McKnight noted that this is the first time he will perform the song as a duet.  Katy called Alana a star.  The duet brought the judges to their feet.  Luke said that Alana had great energy on the stage.  Lionel said that Alana has the stage presence to be a star but needs to work on the attitude.  Katy said that Alana embodied entertainment.

Anjlee List sang the Billie Eilish song “my future” before taking the stage with Joss Stone for a performance of “Tell Me Something Good”.  Joss admits that the last time she sang the song, it was a duet with John Legend and she came in in the wrong key.  Lionel said that it was a perfect example of seeing a person who was very comfortable on stage; telling Anilee to go with it.  Katy said that Anilee has a powerhouse voice and took them to church.  Luke said that Anilee is so close to next level greatness; adding that she needs to enjoy the moment.

DeShawn Goncalves sang the Bob Dylan song “Forever Young” and had Lionel calling the performance great.  Ryan Tedder returns to sing “I Lived” with DeShawn.  Ryan noted that he wrote the song about his child after an incident on an airplane.  Katy said that DeShawn has one of the most iconic voices on the show.  Agreeing with Katy, Luke and Lionel told DeShawn to enjoy himself.

Graham Defranco sang “Raye” before taking the stage with Ben Rector for “Love Like This”.  Ben noted that it is a difficult and challenging song to sing.  Luke said that Graham’s voice is so listenable and able to turn songs into his own style; adding that Graham did a great job.  Lionel said that Graham moved them.  Katy said that Graham drew her in with his duet.

Andrea Valles sang the bilingual song (English and Spanish) “Lo Vas a Olividar”.  She joins Brian McKnight for a performance of “Careless Whisper” by George Michael.  Sporting an eye patch, Andrea said that she recently had retina detachment surgery.  Lionel was amazed; saying the two’s voices complimented each other.  Katy noted that Andrea made the eye patch look fashionable.  Luke noted that the singers had to capture people’s attention, and her performance put her on the map.

Cecil Ray sang “Paint Me a Birmingham” before joining Jimmie Allen for a performance of “Freedom Was a Highway” and brought the judges to their feet.  Calling Cecil the underdog, Katy called the solo ok; adding that Cecil needs to let it go.  Luke noted that there were some pitch issues.  Lionel said that they need some stage presence and attitude.

Willie Spence took on the Bette Midler hit “Wind Beneath My Wings.  Joining Katherine McPhee, the duo performed the iconic “The Prayer”.  Willie dedicated the song to his grandfather recently due to Covid.  He said that he grew up hearing his grandmother sing the song in church.  Luke said that Willie does not wrong in his eyes; adding he loves the way Willie goes about performing.  Lionel called his Willie Pavarotti; adding that Willie is mesmerizing and makes every song his own.  Katy called the duet performance “goosebump central”.

Closing out night one of the top 24, Grace Kinstler sings “Queen” by Jessie J before pairing up with Joss Stone for a performance of “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight.  Lionel said, “Wow!”.  Lionel called Grace a winning package.  Katy called the duet timeless; adding that Grace’s gift are those classic songs.  Luke said that he couldn’t belief he has a front row seat.

The remaining 12 members of the top 24 will perform on Monday night with the results revealed next week.