The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York has released the finalists for the World Video Hall of Fame.

The 2021 nominees include plenty of sports games, space games, and Carmen San Diego makes a return.

Like the Toy Hall of Fame inductees, members of the World Video Game Hall of Fame must demonstrate impact on culture, longevity, and iconic status.

New inductees will be selected by experts in the world of video games and their impact on society. However, video game fans may cast their votes via the Player’s Choice ballot until March 25 at Fan votes will be tabulated nad count as a single vote that will be added to that of the experts.

The new members will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame in a virtual event on May 6, 2021. Established in 2015, currently there are 28 inductees into the Video Hall of Fame. Housed on the second floor of The Strong Museum, the Video Hall of Fame features all manner of video games – arcade, cosole, computer, handheld, and mobile.

The 2021 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists are:
“Animal Crossing”
“Call of Duty”
“FIFA International Soccer”
“Guitar Hero”
“Mattel Football”
“Microsoft Flight Simulator”
“Pole Position”
“Portal StarCraft”
“Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?”

The finalists were chosen from thousands of entries that were nominated by video fans from around the world.

Meet the World Video Hall of Fame Finalists:

“Animal Crossing” was created in 2001 and allowed players to become a part of an animal world in a stress free environment. Originally created by Nintendo, the game has found a whole new popularity via the mobile device in a pandemic world.

The war game “Call of Duty” was created in 2003. It puts players into a World War II first person setting. “Call of Duty” and its various spin-offs have sold over 300 million copies.

The free-to-play online game “Farmville” launched in 2009. The laid back game setting lets players create their own farming business by collecting goods and building up a stock. In its first year alone, “Farmville” had dozens of millions of players and has since spawned numerous variations of the game.

“FIFA International Soccer” tops the list of soccer sports and simulation games. Since its launch in 1993, the game has sold over 300 million copies.

Launched in 2005, “Guitar Hero” has allowed millions of wanna be rockers to live the dream of being a rock star. Using a special guitar made for the game, players follow along with notes on the screen to play their favourite rock songs. “Guitar Hero” and its various versions of the game features some 60 million songs to date.

One of the earliest handheld electronic games, “Mattel Football” has since spawned an entire franchise in portable gaming.

Every pilot has entered the Flight Simulator as a part of their flight training. Thanks to the Microsoft Flight Simulator, million of gamers have been able to experience flying an airplane. Since its launch in 1982, the game has become the most popular and influential flight simulation ever.

The arcade game “Pole Position” hit the video world on 1982 and has put millions of race fans behind the wheel of a race car. With its numerous variations, the game has allowed fans a true simulation of what it was like to be a race car driver. Today e-racing is not only just a game but has spawned a whole new sport.

“Portal” was released in 2007 as a part of a five game package. The puzzle game features an ever-twisting plotline. While the game itself has sold less than five million copies, it has been applauded for design and technical achievements.

“StarCraft” was released in 1998. The game is available in both a single and multiplayer modes. The strategy science-fiction game has earned numerous awards over the years and has spawned its own merchandise franchise.

The video arcade game “Tron” became the first game to spawn a Hollywood feature film back on 1982. The original film has earned over $60 million worldwide and in 2010 a second version of the film. The game has gone beyond the video arcade to include PC and mobile versions of the game.

“Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” was originally released on 1995 and has taught geography lessons to millions of players as they travel the world in search of Carmen. Since that original release, the game has spawned numerous versions and a hit television series.

photos courtesy of “The Strong, Rochester, New Yord