Week two of the blind auditions on “The Voice” ends with more singers hoping to make their way onto one of the coach’s teams.

On Monday’s show John was the only coach with a block; which he used to block Nick and secure his choice. With all of the blocks gone the final selections are sure to cause some rousing discussions between the coaches.

Kelly has five members on her team; while John, Blake, and Nick all have six singers on their teams.

Night four kicks off with Connor Christian who has grown up playing music. He chose a Gary Clark Jr song for his audition and got Blake to turn his chair. Nick and Kelly joined Blake at the end of the song. Despite rocking out to the song, John did not push his button. Kelly said that Connor is in a lane all by himself. A pumped up Blake said that Connor just came out and rocked; adding that he controlled the stage. Nick loved the performance; adding that he doesn’t have anybody like Connor on his team. Connor chose Blake to be his coach.

Kaitlyn Meyers is a classic rock and Motown fan who chose “If You Really Love Me” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Kelly was shocked when she turned around saying that the song felt a little wild. Nick noted that she has a lot of potential. John noted that the sky is the limit for Kaitlyn and told her to come back.

Bradley Sinclair has been singing since he was 12 years old and performed in musicals in high school. Kelly pushed her button and was followed by Nick near the end of the song. Blake said that he enjoyed the performance. Nick said that Bradley has a good foundation. Bradley asked if he and Nick could sing some old school Jonas Brothers songs. Saying that she is not a Jonas Brother, Kelly said that she loves Bradley’s voice. Bradley chose Nick to be his coach.

It took a while but Kelly and Nick pushed their buttons for Gihanna. John noted that the performance was strong at the end. Kelly noted that there were some pitch issues at the beginning of the song. Nick called it a really great performance. Gihanna chose said that she loved both of the coaches but chose Kelly to be her coach.

JD Casper comes from a military family and has served in the Navy but now makes music a full time career. He is playing multiple instruments during his audition. It was near the end of the song before Kelly turned her chair. There were lots of whoa’s when the coaches turned their chairs. Nick said that it was a cool performance. Kelly said that JD did a really cool performance.

In the final audition of of the night, probation officer Deion Warren chose “Shallow” for his audition. And for the first time tonight, John pushed his button; followed by Kelly and Nick. The son of a preacher, Deion said that he was born, raised, and dipped in the church. Nick said that he thought Deion was emotionally connected to the song. John liked the song choice; adding that Deion showed his artistry. Kelly said that Deion’s voice was perfect for the message of the song. Deion chose John to be his coach.

Next week, the auditions continue…

Team Kelly:
Kenzie Wheeler
Corey Ward
Gean Garcia
Ryleight Modig
Halley Greg
JD Casper

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devan Blake Jones
Raine Stern
Zae Romero
Andrew Marshall
Jose Figeuroa Jr
Bradley Sinclair

Team Blake:
Cam Anthony
Pete Mroz
Aaron Gonzelman
Ethan Lively
Emma Caroline
Avery Robertson
Connor Christian

Team Legend:
Christine Cain
Victor Solomon
Carolina Rial
Pia Renee
Ciana Pelekai
Durel Anthony
Deion Warren