As week two of “The Voice” season 20 begins, John and Kelly each have three singers on their team; while Blake and Nick each have four singers.

Ryleigh Modig gets the night of auditions started off with a Billie Eilish song. She grew up making music with her dad. Kelly was the first coach to turn her chair; Nick followed near the end of the song. Nick called it an excellent song choice; adding that her voice spoke to his soul. John said that the power of her vibrato was captivating; adding that it is her secret weapon. Kelly noted that Ryleigh got lost in the song; adding that she is eally cool. Ryleigh chose Kelly to be her coach.

Next up, Pia Renee has worked as a full time musician, flight attendant, and a tanker driver. She chose the Stevie Wonder song “Master Blaster” for her audition and had to wait until the last note before Blake and John turned their chairs. Blake called the performance so good. He noted that it sounds like a strange combination but he has had a lot of experience on the show. John said that Pia has so much energy and soul. Kelly said that she felt out of her league; adding that if one of the guys messes up, she will steal and try to learn something. Pia chose John to be her coach.

Andrew Marshall has been singing most of his life. A cancer survivor, he chose “Gravity” by John Mayer for his audition. Andrew was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 16 and had a “Make a Wish” to meet Mayer…which he did. Nick did not wait to turn his chair. John said that Andrew has a lovely tone. Kelly agreed that Andrew has a great voice. Nick noted that all of the faces on the screen lit up when Andrew came out on the stage.

Emma Carolina is the daughter of a military helicopter pilot who has been deployed around the world. This is the first time her dad will get to hear her sing. Blake was quick to turn his chair for the Alabama native. Kelly also turned her chair for Emma. Nick said it was a great song choice. John noted that once Blake turned, they didn’t have a chance. Kelly loved the song. Blake was excited because Emma brings something they don’t often see – a mountain styled voice. Emma chose Blake to be her coach.

Musical dad James Tutson is looking to step up beyond his current band; but failed to turn any chairs. John said that James has a sweet tone but it didn’t quite come all together for him. Blake said that the singing felt a little too laid back. Nick said that James is super talented and thinks he should come back and try again.

Hawaiian native Ciana Pelekai now calls Las Vegas home. She sang the national anthem at a basketball game when she was a child. John was the first to push his button early in the song; Nick followed later but discovered that John had used his block on Nick. John was the last coach to have a block. Blake and Kelly thought that the block was funny. Nick said that he hopes John makes some mistakes and he can steal Ciana later. John said that he was impressed by Ciana’s performance.

There are no more blocks available.

John didn’t wait long before he pushed his button for Jose Fiigueroa Jr. Nick also pushed his button at the end of the song. John said that it felt like a four chair turn to him. Blake called Jose a sharp dressed man. Kelly said that Jose has a phenomenal voice but felt that there were too many runs. Nick called Jose’s performance incredible. Saying that both coaches are incredible, Jose chose Nick to be his coach. Jose said that he chose Nick because he felt that he and John are similar and wants to go in a different direction.

Seattle science teacher Halley Greg is a musician by night. She chose Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird” for her audition and got Kelly to turn her chair early on. While John noted the performance was nice, he did not turn his chair. Kelly said it was an awesome feeling because she knew that she wouldn’t lose. Kelly said that Halley reminded her of Annie Lennox. Nick noted that Halley was emoting during the song. Blake called Halley awesome.

Durel Anthony is a full time musician who began his musical career in the church. He chose the Marvin Gaye song “What’s Going On” for his audition and got John’s attention very quickly. Kelly turned her chair at the end of the song. John called it a beautiful rendition of the song; adding that he would love to work with Durel. Nick said that the song suited Durel perfectly. Kelly said that Durel came across as a songwriter. Blake said that he loved Durel’s voice. Durel chose John to be his coach.

Jesse Desorcy was in the Coast Guard when he was diagnosed with a rare optic nerve disorder. It was then when he turned to music and formed a band where he has opened for Big and Rich. While Kelly sang along with part of the song, she, nor any of the coaches, turned their chairs. Kelly noted that there were some pitch issues. Blake noted that Jesse sand sharp a lot.

In the final audition of the night, small town North Carolina Avery Robertson comes from a musical family. He has dreamed of being on “The Voice” since he was a child. John led the way with the chair turns, followed quickly by Kelly, Blake, and Nick made it the first four chair turn since the debut episode last week. Kelly noted that Avery stayed himself; adding that he has an incredible voice. Blake said that he is the only coach that knows the song Avery sang. Nick asked Avery what he wanted to do. Avery said that he started in pop and now sings country. Nick noted that he is inspired by Country music; adding that it is all music at the end of the day. John said that he turned because he heard a beautiful voice. Saying that all of the coaches were amazing, Avery chose Blake to be his coach.

Team Kelly:
Kenzie Wheeler
Corey Ward
Gean Garcia
Ryleight Modig
Halley Greg

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devan Blake Jones
Raine Stern
Zae Romero
Andrew Marshall
Jose Figeuroa Jr

Team Blake:
Cam Anthony
Pete Mroz
Aaron Gonzelman
Ethan Lively
Emma Caroline
Avery Robertson

Team Legend:
Christine Cain
Victor Solomon
Carolina Rial
Pia Renee
Ciana Pelekai
Durel Anthony