The third week of “American Idol” brings more silliness from the judges and singers hoping to earn their golden tickets to Hollywood.

Gabby Barrett fan Laila Mach plays the piano and sings an original song for her audition. Lionel said that Laila had him fooled; givinger her songwriting props. Katy said that Laila is what it takes to be on the show. Luke agrees with his fellow judges; adding that he is impressed. Laila got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Lead singer in the Army National Guard band Re’h took on Disco Queen Donna Summer with her performance of “Bad Girls”. She didn’t just sing the song, she performed it! The judges stood and saluted her. Katy said that Re’h has a real good shot. She got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Michael Gerow performed an original song for audition. The audition was filmed on the day the Georgia Bulldogs played the Alabama Crimson Tide so there was much rivalry going on between Luke and Katy. Lionel loved Michael’s voice. Katy called him an exceptional singer; adding that she though he was top 10 material. Luke just said yes. Michael got his ticket to Hollywood.

High school cheerleader from Alabama Cameron McGhar sang the Little Big Town hit “Girl Crush” for her audition. Luke stopped Cameron saying that she has a big voice but it didn’t look comfortable. Katy said that it wasn’t believable. She got another chance and chose a Loretta Lynn song. Katy kept saying attitude. Katy noted that they had to pull it out of her. Lionel said that Cameron had an infectious personality but doesn’t think she is ready. Katy noted that there is a lack of experience; adding that Cameron isn’t ready. Katy said that she would roll the dice and gave Cameron a yes. With Cameron begging, Luke finally agreed with Katy and gave a yes…and her ticket to Hollywood.

Bean (Brandon) chose “Wait for the Moment” for his audition. Luke and Lionel had big smiles on their faces during the performance. Katy called the performance fun. Lionel said that it was like Bean was very familiar but wasn’t sure it was right for Idol. Katy said that there was something special about Bean. The wedding singer got three yeses and his ticket to Hollywood.

Anthony Key chose the BTS hit “Dynomite” for his audition and danced as he sang. Katy wanted Anthony to teach them a few of his dance moves. Katy called the audition fun; adding that she wasn’t really sure who he was. Luke noted that the strength of the vocals weren’t really what it should be. Lionel noted that there is a place for Anthony in the entertainment business but Idol wasn’t it. He got nos from the judges.

Ash brought he guitar to perform an original song for her audition. She wrote the song for her Dad but he has never heard the song, so the judges brought him in to hear the song. Luke said that Dad has raised a very talented lady; adding that she has a nice vibrato. Lionel said that she found the one thing that never goes out of style…love. Katy gave Ash a yes; Luke and Lionel agreed for three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Cheryl K is a big Lionel Richie fan and sang “Endless Love” with him. She brought the 45 of the song…and her dog to the audition. Lionel said that Cheryl brought tears to his life. He noted that it takes a lot of guts to sing with one of them; adding that she is going to be competing with some really big voices and isn’t sure she cabn compete with them. He said that she has it but not the control. Katy agreed with Lionel. Luke noted that she has a great voice and spirit but needs to learn more.

Heather Russell is a big Katy Perry fan and chose one of her songs to sing for the audition while playing the piano. Luke reminded her to look at them and watch the tricks; adding that Heather is one of the better singers they have heard this year. Noting that Heather has total control, Lionel agreed with Luke. Katy said that it was way too much; adding that she has the best voice and needs to learn how to use it. Heather got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that Heather has a great voice but doesn’t know how to use it.

Caleb Kennedy brought his guitar for an original song at his audition. Katy wanted him to finish the song because it would take him somewhere. Luke said that Caleb’s voice goes beyond just being a 16 year old kid. Lionel said that Caleb has mastered the storyteller’s voice. Caleb got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Abby Lebaron played the piano on her audition. Katy said that Abby has the talent but needs to work on believing herself. Luke said that when Abby started he had chill bumps. Abby got her ticket to Hollywood.

Professional busker Murphy chose “Just the Two of Us” for his audition. Katy said that Murphy is on the edge but not quite there. Lionel wants to see more of Murphy. He asked for another song and he chose an original song this time. Lionel said that he couldn’t help but watch Murphy’s face. Luke said that he would give Murphy a shot. Saying that it was a bit too novelty, Katy gave him a no. Saying that they don’t have anything like him, Lionel gave a yes and Murphy got his ticket to Hollywood.

For the final audition of the night, small town Kentucky native Alyssa Wray grew up watching Idol. She chose “I Am Changing” for her audition and brought the judges to their feet. Lionel kept saying that he was so happy. Luke noted that the most challenging thing in show business is presence. Katy noted that Alyssa must have grown up having dreams; adding the world is open to whatever she can dream. Lionel asked how lucky were they to say that they knew her when… Alyssa got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Next week the auditions come to a conclusion.