“The Voice” returns for season season 20 as they celebrate 10 years of reality music competition.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still causing numerous issues, the audience is virtual.

Nick Jonas joins Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton in the Big Red Charis.

Getting the season started is country boy Kenzie Wheeler with “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley.  Kenzie has opened for Charlie Daniels.  Kelly led the first four chair turn of the season; but Blake was blocked by Kelly Clarkson.  Nick said that hearing Kenzie’s voice brought him pleasure.  Blake remarked on Kenzie’s mullet – calling it great.  Kelly has jackets for her singers again this season.  Kenzie chose Kelly to be his coach.

The coaches get only one block in the blind auditions…and Kelly used hers on the first blind audition.

Dana Monique chose the Aretha Franklin song “Freeway of Love” for her audition and had Nick pushing his button right away; with John following shortly after.  Nick said that Dana has vocal power and gave an unbelievable performance.  Dana was a cruise ship singer.  John said that the performance was energetic.  John sang a Chaka Khan song to Dana.  Saying that she did have something to prove, Dana chose Nick to be her coach.  Nick keeps notes on the auditions and gave Dana a note book of her own.

Cam Anthony grew up with the sounds of the boom box blaring from the streets of his Philadelphia neighbourhood.  He grew up singing in the church…and moved on to You Tube videos.  He sang for President Obama and the First Lady at one of the Easter Egg Rolls.  Cam got Nick and John to turn their chairs at the same time; but Nick blocked John.  Blake also turned his chair.  John said that he really wanted Cam to be on his team but got blocked.  Kelly said that she couldn’t wait to hear more from Cam on the show.  Blake said that he would be honoured to have Cam on his team; adding that he would keep his lane open for Cam.  Nick said that Cam has a smooth voice; adding that he could hear that Cam has family support.  Cam chose Blake to be his coach.  Blake has Blake? Bobbleheads this season.

Christine Cain’s blind audition is only the fourth time she is performing live.  She chose a Harry Styles song for her audition.  After grooving for a bit, John turned his chair.  Kelly joined John in turning for Christine.  Nick noted that Christine got the crowd going.  John called it the most soulful performance of the song he had heard.  Kelly said that Christine had a cool vibe; adding that Christine did a better job than her.  Christine chose John to be her coach.

John doesn’t have a physical gift for his singers, he improvises a song for them.

Madison Curbelo brought her guitar for her audition of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” but failed to turn any chairs.  Nick and Kelly noted that it was so close; adding that she was talented.

Golf equipment salesman Pete Mroz would love to make music a full time career…and even had visions of being the next Garth Brooks when he was younger.  John was the first one to turn his chair; followed by Blake.  Pete thanked the band after he sang.  John noted that Pete was fully into the music.  Come to find out that Pete and Blake sang together 25 years ago in a group called The Young Riders.  Pete chose to reunite with his former band mate Blake.

Devan Blake Jones is a multi-lingual singer who is looking to take the next step in his career.  Playing his guitar as he song, Devan got Nick to turn his chair.  Kelly loved the performance but was waiting for something more.  Nick said that Devan’s high voice spoke to him.

Raine Stern got the coaches grooving and finally got John, Blake, and Nick to turn their chairs.  She has a nine piece band in Madison where she arranges all of the parts.  Blake said that she knows how to milk a performance; adding that she is a rare find.  Nick called her one of the most unique performers ever on the show.  John noted that Raine was working the audience even though there was no live audience in the room.  Raine chose Nick to be her coach.

Madison Marigold is not only a singer, but speaks Chinese.  She has even opened for Demi Lovato at a festival in China.  After not turning any chairs, Blake noted that the song was a lot to chew in a blind audition after choosing a Julia Michaels song.  While Kelly thought she was talented, Kelly noted that the audition didn’t show where she could go.

Corey Ward returns after not getting any chairs to turn last season.  John and Kelly were quick to turn their chairs.  Nick said that Corey crushed it.  Kelly called Corey an emotional singer; adding that she was looking for someone to move her.  John noted that Corey’s performance made him look at the song in a different way.  Corey chose Kelly to be his coach.

In the final audition of the night, Stepper Victor Solomon started out singing gospel music.  He chose “Glory” by Common and John Legend for his audition and got Blake to turn his chair early; John followed quickly behind.  Nick also turned his chair.  John kept saying beautiful.  Blake said that Victor has an “old man” voice.  Blake had no idea that John wrote the song…and won an Oscar for it.  Kelly said that she didn’t turn because she couldn’t compete; adding that Victor even sounded a bit like John.  Nick noted that he also grew up in the church.  Saying that he too grew up in the church, “Glory” was written with those gospels in mind.  John noted that Victor did the song better than John.  John said “Ordinary People” with Victor.  Victor, not surprising, chose John to be his coach.

Team Kelly:
Kenzie Wheeler
Corey Ward

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devan Blake Jones
Raine Stern

Team Blake:
Cam Anthony
Pete Mroz

Team Legend:
Christine Cain
Victor Solomon