On this third week of auditions, “American Idol” begins with the judges doing a little meditation in Ojai, California.

Texas native Cecil Ray got the music started off with a performance that had Luke calling him absolute perfection and what they are about at Idol. Katy called Cecil a fireball; adding that she reminds her ofa country Justin Bieber. Lionel said that Cecil has no idea what he has. Cecil got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

An Idol first, an entire family – The Sharpe Family Singers – performed before Samantha Sharpe performed “Titanium”. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

Graham Defranco is a pilot by profession but is looking to expand his music beyond a few open mic nights. Lionel said that Graham has a gift that he hasn’t gone for. Luke added that his voice is one of the most listenable voices they have ever heard. Graham got three yeses nd a ticket to Hollywood.

McGovern sang an original song about auditioning and the judges. Tom didn’t get his ticket to Hollywood but got some encouragement for writing jingles from Katy.

Mary Jo Young’s mother has never heard her sing live. While she has been singing since she was small, she has never performed in public. Katy said that it was pretty cool. The judges had Mary Jo get her mom so they could see and hear her sing in person. Katy said that Mary Jo has an amazing voice; adding that Mary Jo reminded her of Julia Michaels. Lionel said that he loved the idea of watching Mary Jo grow on the show. Luke called Mary Jo a top 10 singer. She got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

In a series of clips Xavier Washington, Celeste Butler, and Dzaki all originally auditioned online and when they performed before the judges, they all got their tickets to Hollywood.

Christian McGuckian chose the Little Big Town song “Girl Crush” for her audition. This being her very first audition, she was very nervous. Luke said that she had magic country stuff in her voice but let things going on around her get in the way. The judges noted that she had a timing issue. Katy said that Christian has the talent. Christian got her ticket to Hollywood.

Alanis Sophia took Katy’s breath away before she even uttered the first word with her audition. Katy called Alanis confident and pure. Lionel said that there was a purity in her voice; adding that she had so much potential. Luke said that it felt awesome to watch. Alans brought her “American Idol” toy microphone for the audition. Katy told Alanis’ mother that she was the best they had heard today. She got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Mias is a firefighter in Apopka, Florida and comes form a large family. He chose the Lynrd Skynrd song “Simple Man” for his audition. Katy called his voice pure and magical but is missing something. Lionel loved the timbre of Mias voice; adding that there was a lot in there. Luke said that there is a lot in there. Katy said that it was a no…for now. Lionel wants Mias to come back.

Timmy Skelly got a little help with his auditon of “My Funny Valentine” when his mom joined in. Timmy got his ticket to Hollywood.

Calling herself extraterrestrial, ET – Erika Perry – had Katy calling her out of this world. Luke wondered what language Erika was singing in. Lionel wondered if it was a singing style or a gimick. Katy wanted to hear more with no gimicks. Katy called Erika likable. Katy gave Erika a yes, Lionel didn’t get it, and Luke said that he thought there was too much to do. Lionel gave her a very reluctant yes. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

Franklin, Tennessee native Hunter Metts is hoping that the third time is the charm for his Idol audition. In previous attempts it was seen as a conflict of interest since his sister worked for Disney. Luke said that Hunter one note that was the real deal and almost brought him to tears. Lionel said that they have plans for him. Saying that he was excited about his vote, Lionel gave a yes. Katy and Luke called Hunter top 10 material. Hunter got his ticket to Hollywood.

In the final audition of the night, Ronda Felton, got emotional in the interview and Lionel gave her his handkerchief. Performing a song from “Dreamgirls”, Ronda brought tears to Lionel’s eyes. Lionel called the performance the moment that would change Ronda’s life. Luke called it a great performance; adding that he had a feeling that it wasn’t her best performance. Ronda got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood. Ronda’s mom’s favourite song is “Zoom” by The Commodores. Lionel sang the song with them. Lionel noted that when he wrote the song, he was deeply troubled; adding that he was happy it brought joy to her life.

Next week the music…and tears…continue as the auditions go on.