The thrash metal band Kreator will be releasing a deluxe boxed set of music featuring all of their releases with Noise Records. Set for a February 26 release “Under The Guillotine” will include the six studio albums beginning with the 1985 debut album “Endless Pain”.

Formed in Essen, Germany; Kreator began with the name Tormentor and later changed their name to Kreator.

Since their 1985 debut with Noise Records, Kreator

have been a major influence on metal and thrash metal bands around the world and continues to do so today.

“Under The Guillotine” features the original album artwork and inner sleeves includes:
“Endless Pain” in a swirl vinyl pattern
“Pleasure to Kill” in a splatter vinyl pattern
“Terrible Certainty” in a splatter vinyl pattern
“Extreme Aggression” in a half and half vinyl pattern
“Comma of Souls” in a splatter vinyl pattern
“Renewal” in a swirl vinyl pattern
“Some Pain Will Last” – a DVD that includes a mini documentary; two previously unreleased live audio concerts, plus a remix of the 1990 concert “Live in Berlin”
a 40 page hardbound book of rare phtographs, quotes, and lyrics
a reproduction of the cassette demo for “End of the World”
and a “Demon” figurine USB drive that includes expanded editions of all the albums on MP3

The collection will be housed in a executioners guillotine box.

The first 250 sets ordered from the Noise Records site will also include an art card by Mille Petrozza.

Kreator is also making a double vinyl album available that includes 18 tracks from the Noise Records era. The albums will be on splatter vinyl and include some previously inseen photos.

And for those fans who do not own a phonograph, the band is offering a two CD edition that features 30 tracks and comes in a mediabook.

Both the double vinyl and CD editions will include rare tracks.