The blind auditions, battle rounds, and knockouts have all been concluded.  It is now time for the fans to have their say in who stays and who goes home as the live performances begin.

Before the performances begin, host Carson Daly reveals the results of the fan vote from the four way knockout battle.  The four artists saved by the coaches went head to head last week for the final spot.

After giving an impressive performance in English and Italian last week, Ryan Gallagher had to leave the competition; leaving only three singers in the battle.

After the first fan vote of the season, Taryn Papa from Team Blake is the final singer in the top 17.  Julia Cooper and Larriah Jackson have been eliminated from the competition.

Seventeen artists will perform but half of them will be eliminated to reveal the final eight after an overnight fan vote.  A ninth singer will be chosen via the instant save.

Team Kelly’s Desz gets the night of music started off with a performance of “What’s Love Got to Do with It”.  John said that Desz was like an assassin out there; adding that she was soulful and magical.  Kelly said that Desz was what every Texas woman wants to be.

Continuing with Team Kelly, Madeline Consoer sings “What if I Never Get Over You”.  Blake noted that Madeline has performed two Country songs in a row; adding that she did a great job.  Kelly said that Madeline did a fantastic job.

Tanner Gomes sang “Loving on You”.  Kelly said that Tanner was so good and misses honky tonk; adding that people are in a good mood after seeing Tanner.

Team Kelly steal Cami Clune sang “Never Tear Us Apart”.  Kelly said that Cami so cool and talented.  She said  that Cami is a one woman show.

Next us is Team Gwen with Payge Turner and her guitar for “It’s Gonna Be Me”.  Carson said that the performance sounded like a James Bond opening film.  Gwen said that Payge did a great job of making it her own.

Team Gwen steal from Blake, Ben Allen sang “There Goes My Life” with just piano accompaniment and brought the coaches to their feet.   Gwen said that she was lucky to have Ben on her team; adding that the performance was beautiful and perfectly in tune.

Hawaiian Joseph Soul performed the Bee Gees hit “How Deep is Your Love”.  Gwen said that Joseph showed a side that they haven’t seen before; adding that it was incredible.

Closing out Team Gwen is the youngest artist in the show this season with 15 year old Carter Rubin singing “Hero”.  Gwen said that she was honoured to know Carter (who just turned 15); adding that he is mind blowingly good.

Next up is Team Blake who has five artists and the only group this season.  Kicking off Team Blake is Jim Ranger with “Rumor”.  An excited Blake called Jim unbelievably talented and will be in the finale.

The trio Worth the Wait perform “Love is Alive” and brought the coaches to their feet.  Blake said that they stepped up to the next level; adding it was the best they have sounded this season. 

Ian Flannigan sang “Make You Feel My Love” and brought the coaches to their feet.  John called the performance stunning.  Blake reminded everyone that the show is called “The Voice”; adding that they should vote for Ian.

Four way Knockout winner Taryn Papa sang “I Hope You’re Happy Now”.   Blake said that Taryn sounded incredible.

Closing out Team Blake is steal Sid Kingsley singing “Beyond”.  Blake said that he can’t understand how Sid ended up on his team after being on two other teams.  Blake noted that Sid is an incredible musician.

Last up is Team Legend…  Tamara Jade gets Team Legend’s performances started off with a performance of “Crazy” and had John and Kelly on their feet dancing.  John called Tamara a superstar who owned the stage; adding that he is so honoured to coach her.

Chloe Hogan performed “The Future” by Billie Eilish and brought the coaches to their feet.  John said that the performance was tasteful and graceful. 

Country singer Bailey Rae sang “Sweet Music Man” by Kenny Rogers.  John said that he loved hearing Bailey’s voice on the song; adding that she sounded so good.

Closing out the night of music and Team Legend is John Holiday with “Fly Me to the Moon” and had John out of his chair dancing along.  John noted that Holiday showed so many sides of himself; adding that he is one of the greatest vocalists ever on the show.

The nine finalists will be revealed on the results show on Tuesday night.