The knockout rounds continue on “The Voice” as the coaches continue to build their teams for the live performances.

Last week, John and Blake added their first team members with Gwen getting two singers after using her steal on Ben Allen.

“The Voice” coach and winner Usher serves as the mega mentor for the singers this season.

Kelly has paired Desz and  steal Sid Kingsley for a battle.  Desz chose “Can We Talk” for her performance and Sid sang “Make it Rain”.  Both singers brought Kelly out of her seat and the coaches to their feet.  Blake called Desz unbelievable and Sid was a big surprise; adding that it was some incredible singing.  John is happy that Sid is back; adding that it was his best performance.  John called Desz a tour de force.  Gwen noted that Desz was so in control; adding that Sid has a lot of soul.  Kelly called them two of her favourite artists to work with.  She said that they were the kind of artists she would play and drink wine to every night.  Saying that she hopes someone gets stolen, Kelly chose Desz as the winner of the battle.  John pushed his button to steal Sid back, but Blake made it a steal battle.  Sid chose to go with a new coach and picks Blake to be his new coach.  Sid noted that he should take advantage of as many coaches as possible.

Blake paired up Jim Ranger and Jus Jon for a battle; saying that they may be in different genres but are both soulful singers.  Jus Jon chose the Bruno Mars song “Finese”; a song he performs with his band on every gig.  Jim chose to sing the Tim McGraw song “Humble and Kind” – a message he wants to pass on to his children.  John noted that he could see Usher’s influence on Jus Jon; adding that it was a lovely song choice for Jim.  Gwen loved Jon’s performance; adding that she feels that Jim could win the show.  Kelly loved Jon’s energy; adding that Jim’s song choice was great.  Jim got very emotional in explaining why he chose the song.  Blake said that Jim’s performance was great and moving.  Blake noted that with Jus Jon he has a hard time separating himself between coach and fan.  Blake chose Jim Ranger as the winner of the battle. 

John paired Country singer Bailey Rae and steal Lauren Frihauf.  Bailey chose “Let Me Down Easy” and Lauren chose the Janis Joplin song “Cry Baby”.  Gwen said that Bailey has a beautiful voice and is impressed; adding that Lauren is a baby full of talent and a voice.  Kelly noted that she just figured out that the girls were teens; she loved Bailey’s song choice and Lauren embodied the song.  Blake said that it was a dirty trick by “The Voice” god that Bailey is on John’s team; adding that there was something innocent about Lauren.  John noted that Lauren’s version of the song worked and Bailey’s voice sounded like classic country.  John chose Bailey Rae as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired Ian Flanigan and steal James Pyle.  Ian chose to sing the Luke Combs song “Beautiful Crazy” and James chose to sing “In My Blood” by Sean Mendes.  John said that both guys were really fantastic.  Gwen said that James had a cool rhythm – he plays the drums; adding that the music comes through Ian.  Kelly said that James made some nice changes; adding that she liked Ian’s mysterious vibe.  Blake said that it was exciting to see James talent; adding that there is nobody who sounds like Ian.  Blake chose Ian as the winner of the battle.

In a video clip…
Gwen paired Joseph Soul and Van Andrew for a battle with Joseph taking the win.

Kelly paired Kelsie Watts who chose the Alains Morrisette song “You Oughta Know” and Madeline Consoer who chose to sing “Die from a Broken Heart” by Maddie and Tae.  Blake said that Kelsie really made the song work; adding that Madeline nailed it.  John noted that Madeline connected with the song; adding that Kelsie carried herself like an A level pop singer.  Gwen was impressed by both girls, calling them so talented.  Kelly said that Kelsie made the song her own; adding that Madeline was the Country girl she would want to see.  Kelly chose Madeline as the winner of the battle.

Gwen paired 14 year old Carter Rubin and Chloe Hogan.  Carter chose to sing “You Say” for his performance and Chloe chose to sing an “Weak”.  Kelly said that Carter gave a finale performance; adding that Chloe made her fall in love with her.  Blake said that Carter is as skilled as anyone on the show and Chloe’s presence is magical.  John said that Carter nailed it and is talented; adding that the degree of difficulty was higher for Chloe.  Gwen called Chloe awesome; adding that Carter picked a song that he was connected to.  Gwen named Carter as the winner of the battle.  John pushed his button to steal Chloe.

Kelly is the only coach with a steal remaining.

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
Bailey Rae
Chloe Hogan – steal

Team Gwen:
Payge Turner
Ben Allen – steal
Joseph Soul
Carter Rubin

Team Blake:
Worth the Wait
Sid Kingsley – steal
Jim Ranger
Ian Flanigan

Team Kelly:
Madeline Consoer