“Dancing with the Stars” reaches the end of another season with the final four, the freestyle dances, and celebrity performances.

The night of dancing opens with the four finalists and the professional dancers taking the dance floor to the music of “Flashdance”.

Before the couples strut their stuff with the Freestyle dance, they will perform their most memorable dances.

Kaitlyn and Artem kick off round one with an Argentine Tango to the music of Britney Spears.  Derek said that it was a perfect dance to show that Kaitlyn deserved to be there.  Bruno said that they took his breath away; adding that the detail was even better this time around.  Carrie Ann said that she was glad they chose the dance; adding that it is one of her top three favourite dances of all time.  Kaitlyn and Artem scored 30 points for their dance.

Next up was Nelly and Daniella dance a Samba to “Rhythm of the Night”.  Bruno noted that Nelly had everybody up dancing; adding that he was engaging to watch.  Carrie Ann said that Nelly’s journey has been the most fascinating; adding that dance is about the joy of life.  Derek said that the show is about moments and Nelly is a moment maker.  Derek noted that Nelly connects with the people at home.  Nelly revealed that he will be auctioning off all of his dance shoes and will be donating the money earned to a worthy cause.  Nelly and Daniella scored 27 points for their dance.

Nev and Jenna chose to perform their Paso Doble to the music of “Swan Lake”.  Carrie Ann called the performance perfection; adding that watching Nev is a treat.  Derek loved the change with the dance opening with Neve solo.  Bruno asked how do you improve on perfection?  Neve and Jenna earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Closing out round one was Justina and Sasha with a Cha Cha.  It was the first dance Justina performed on the show.  Derek said that Justina explodes with charisma and is sensational to watch.  Bruno said “viva Latina:” adding that she knows how to shake those tail feathers.  Carri Ann said that Justina knows how to bring it; adding that she has fire.  Justina and Sasha scored 30 points for their dance.

Most Memorable dance round:
Nelly and Daniella – 27
Kaitlyn and Artem – 30
Nev and Jenna – 30
Justina and Sasha – 30

Before the couples perform their Freestyle dances, Derek comes out from behind the judge’s table for a dance performance in a celebration of the season; a la Fred Astaire. 

Nelly and Daniella kick off the Freestyle round.  There are no rules when it comes to the Freestyle dance – all lifts and tricks are allowed.  Bruno called Nelly the king of swag and bling; adding that they were in the presence of Hip-Hop royalty.  Carrie Ann said that the dance gave them hope for the future.  Derek called it a Grammy worth performance.  Nelly and Daniella scored 30 points for their dance for their first perfect score.

Kaitlyn and Artem dance their Freestyle to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.  Carrie Ann said that the song is one of her favourites; adding that she threw everything in including the kitchen sink.  Derek congratulated Kaitlyn.  Bruno noted that the dance was jam packed with content.  Kaitlyn and Artem scored 30 points for their dance.

Nev and Jenna perform their Freestyle dance to “Singing in the Rain” complete with umbrella props and rain.  Derek called Nev a leading man; adding that you can’t do Fred Astaire type dances without being a leading man.  Bruno called the dance show stopping; adding that he wasn’t expecting it.  Carrie Ann called Nev an incredible performer.  Nev and Jenna scored 30 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night, Justina and Sasha perform their Freestyle dance to a medley of Latin music songs.  Bruno called the dance a celebration of Latin spirit; adding that it was a tonic for your soul.  Carrie Ann loved the dance; adding that it was a celebration of Justina.  Derek said that he couldn’t think of a better Freestyle to end the season.  Justina and Sasha scored 30 points for their dance.

Freestyle scores:
Nelly and Daniella – 30
Kaitlyn and Artem – 30
Nev and Jenna – 30
Justina and Sasha – 30

Total scores:
Nelly and Daniella – 27 + 30 = 57
Kaitlyn and Artem – 30 + 30 = 60
Nev and Jenna – 30 + 30 = 60
Justina and Sasha – 30 + 30 = 60

While all the votes and scores are being tabulated, Nelly trades in his dancing shoes for a microphone for a performance of some of his greatest hits.

In the final results of the season…
The couple in fourth place is Justina and Sasha.
The couple in third place is Nelly and Jenna

That leaves only Kaitlyn and Artem and Nev and Jenna.

The season 29 DWTS champion is Kaitlyn and Artem!