It’s the final night of the battle rounds on “The Voice”.  Blake and Kelly each have four members on their team, John has five, and Gwen has only three members on her team.

John has used both his steal and his save; while Blake still has his steal remaining.  Kelly and Gwen have yet to use their saves.

First up is team Gwen with Larriah Jackson with “Like I’m Gonna Loose You” by Megan Trainor with John Legend.  The performance brought the coaches to their feet.  Kelly said that the performance was so well done.  Blake said that it wasn’t fair because of the age difference; Larriah is 15 and Carter is 14.  John said that both singers were wonderful and he was impressed with the performance.  Gwen who is very undecided, finally chose Carter as the winner of the battle.  Carter was very emotional after the win.  Gwen used her save on Larriah and Carter was very excited.

Blake chose to pair Aaron Scott and Ian Flanigan for a battle of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Credence Clearwater Revival.  John said that the guys did a fantastic job. Gwen said that the performance felt really balanced.  Kelly said that they did an amazing job; adding that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Ian.  Coach Blake noted that every note made in rehearsals came into play with the performance.  Blake chose Ian Flanigan as the winner of the battle.

John paired Casme and Rio Souma for a battle of “You’re All I Need” and had John up dancing and singing along.  Gwen said that she felt like she was at the Grammys.  Kelly said that Casme was born to be on stage; adding that she loved Rio’s voice.  Blake loved Rio.  John called it the most engrossing performance of the battle rounds.   Saying that it is a tough decision John chose Casme as the winner of the battle. 

Kelly paired Ryan Gallagher and Marisa Corvo for a battle of a Celine Dion song – “I Surrender”.  In rehearsals Ryan revealed that his grandmother and mother both have the Covid-19 virus with his mother being admitted to the hospital.  Blake noted that the right song is everything; noting that Marissa took over the room.  John agreed that Marisa took over the performance.  Gwen noted that Ryan was controlled; adding that both singers are so talented.  Kelly noted that she had never heard a man perform the song; adding that both singers are very gifted.  Saying that it was her hardest battle, Kelly chose Marisa as the winner of the battle.  Kelly used her save on Ryan.

All of the coaches have used their saves; only Blake has a steal remaining.

In a series of video clips…
Kelly paired Emmalee and Kelsie Watts for a battle with Kelsie taking the win.
Blake paired Sam Stacy and Ben Allen for a battle with Ben taking the win.
Gwen paired Tori Miller and Van Andrew for a battle with Van winning the battle.

Gwen paired Liam St. John and Ryan Berg for a battle of “I Need a Dollar” by Aloe Blac.  Kelly called the performance awesome.  Blake noted that both singers are aggressive vocally.  John noted that Liam has an impressive vocal range but likes Ryan’s tone.  Gwen called it her biggest surprise battle; adding that the performance was very energetic.  Gwen chose Ryan as the winner of the battle. 

In the final performance of the night, John paired Cami Clune and James Pyle for a battle of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak.  Gwen called the performance shocking in a good way.  Kelly called the performance really beautiful; adding that it was her favourite battle.  Blake said that somewhere Chris Isaak is asking whether he wrote that song; adding that it was a very inventive cover of the song.  John noted that they had a very creative version of the song.  Saying that it was an impossible decision, John chose Cami as the winner of the battle.  Blake finally uses his steal for James.

Team Blake:
Worth the Wait
Taryn Papa – save
Jus Jon
Jim Ranger
Ian Flanigan
Ben Allen
James Pyle – steal

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
Lauren Frihauf – steal
Bailey Rae
John Holiday
Julia Cooper – save
Cami Clune

Team Kelly:
Madeline Consoer
Sid Kingsley – steal
Tanner Gomes
Marisa Corvo
Ryan Gallagher – save
Kelsie Watts

Team Gwen:
Payge Turner
Joseph Soul – steal
Chloe Hogan
Carter Rubin
Larriah Jackson – save
Van Andrew
Ryan Berg