Glasspack Release Free Music

This year has been difficult on everyone, but especially members of the music and entertainment world.  The Covid-19 virus has put a stop to live in person performances of concerts and theatrical productions.

Rockers The Glasspack have soldiered on and are offering fans a free download of their new EP “Candy Apples and Razor Blades”.  The eight song album features cover tunes by the Misfits and Samhaim.

This marks the first time in over 10 years that The Glasspack have created some new music.  They are also planning to release an album of new original music – “Moon Patrol” – some time next year.

The Glaspack frontman “Dirty” Dave Johnson spoke on the new album saying, “I asked the guys if we could record something special this year to give away for free. So, we quickly recorded some punk rock and metal favorites with a dash of Glasspack flavor at DeadBird Recording Studios in Louisville.”

He added, “as a punk rock kid in Louisville, I fell in love with these songs immediately and still carry them with me as an adult. I never outgrew them, or maybe I just didn’t grow up. It doesn’t matter. I will likely sing some of them ’til I am ashes.”  Johnson noted that this time around he only provided the vocals for the album and left the guitar playing to someone else.

The tracklisiting for “Candy Apples and Razor Blades”:
“Hybrid Moments”
“In the Doorway”
“We Are”
“Mother of Mercy”
“The Howl”

Fans can download the album at:

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