Week two on season 19 of “The Voice” continues with the Blind Auditions. Last week John, Blake, and Gwen all picked up four singers each for their teams with Kelly leading the way with five singers.

Gwen is the only coach remaining with a block after John and Blake used their blocks on Kelly and Kelly used her block on Blake.

The auditions begin with Rio Souma who works on an assembly line at Chrysler in Detroit. And while he loves his job, music is his passion and Rio is looking to follow his dreams. Rio chose the Smokey Robinson song “Cruisin’” for his audition and has Gwen turning her chair right away; John and Kelly soon follow. John is up singing and swaying to the song. Kelly said that Rio has an incredible gift. Blake said that he loves Rio’s voice; added that he was not familiar with the song. John said that it is one of his favourite songs on the planet; adding that Rio brought power to the song and made it his own. Gwen said that she loved the sound; adding that Rio showed confidence on the stage. Rio chose John to be his coach.

Next up was Ryan Berg with a John Mayer song. Gwen quickly turns her chair. John was next to push his chair but Gwen used her block on John. Gwen said that Ryan had a classic sounding voice. Blake liked Ryan’s style.

None of the coaches have any more blocks.

Becca Kotte comes from a musical family and has been a part of the Las Vegas “Rock of Ages” and has been a backup singer for Sir Rod Stewart. She chose “American Woman” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Kelly called her an incredible singer but just heard a few things she wasn’t sure about. Close to pushing his button, Blake agreed with Kelly. John invited Becca to come back.

Jus Jon began his musical career in his father’s church. It took a while, but Blake finally turned his chair. Kelly said that he had a powerful voice but was waiting for something else. John said that Jon had a great voice. Blake noted that there is nobody on his team like Jus Jon.

Ben Allen was a bike champion but has turned his bike in for a guitar. It only took about three measures for Blake to turn his chair with Gwen pushing her button shortly after. John followed right behind Gwen. Gwen said that Ben sounded like a record; adding that he has a lot of potential. Kelly cited Blake as her reason for not turning her chair. John said that Ben has a voice for days. Blake said that he misses a good old fashioned country singer and that’s what Ben is. Ben chose Blake to be his coach.

Showboat performer Kelsie Watts chose a Kelly Clarkson song for her audition. It took a bit for a shocked Kelly to turn her chair and had Gwen joining her. Kelly said that Kelsie sang “the crap out of my song”; adding that Kelsi made it even better. Gwen called Kelsie so talented and incredible. Kelsie chose Kelly to be her coach.

James Mays started singing in church and pursued music in college. He noted that Kelly could sing the phone book. He chose “The Show Must Go On” by Queen for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. John noted that James had a powerful voice but heard some pitch issues. Blake suggested that James pursue musical theatre; Kelly agreed. Blake told James to come back with a song that shows more of what he wants to do.

Fourteen year old Carter Rubin surprised the coaches with his performance. John didn’t wait very long before pushing his chair; Gwen followed shortly thereafter. Gwen said that Carter did not look like his voice. His grandfather was a part of Jay and the Americans. Kelly said that Carter has the most incredible smile on the planet; adding that he has a great voice. John said that Carter has control with a brilliant tone. Gwen said that Carter has an incredible tone; adding that she has a 14 year old son. John noted that Carter is the youngest person he has ever turned for and would love to have him on his team. Carter chose Gwen to be his coach.

Casme was excited to be on “The Voice” stage. The New Orleans native chose “Baby I Love You” for her audition and had John grooving along with the song before he finally turned his chair. John said that he was so happy that he has Casme all to himself; adding that he is lucky to have her on his team. Saying that she has a powerful voice, Blake noted that Casme is going to be a beast on the show.

Michelle Moonshine has been playing music since she was 18. Her first chance to audition on “The Voice” was sidelined by the birth of her son Liam. Six years later she finally gets her chance and plays the guitar as she sings “Carolina in My Mind” for her audition but fails to turn any chairs. The coaches liked her voice but thought her voice was too timid and lackadaisical.

The final audition of the night was from Desz who has performed with the Houston Opera and the Kanye West Coachella Choir. She sang “Unbreak My Heart” for her audition and didn’t have to wait long before Kelly turned her chair with John following. Gwen was the third coach to turn her chair; and Blake made it the only four chair turn of the night at the end of the song. Kelly said that Desz nailed it. John noted that they were enthralled with the performance. John noted that Desz made the song her own. Gwen said that there was so much more than to performing than singing; adding that she could help Desz with it. Noting that she turned around first, Kelly loved the big notes and control. Fans will have to wait to learn who Desz chooses for her coach until the Tuesday edition of the show.

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
John Holiday
Cami Clune
Sid Kingsley
Rio Souma

Team Gwen:
Lauren Frihauf
Payge Turner
Liam St. John
Chloe Hogan
Ryan Berg
Carter Rubin

Team Kelly:
Joseph Soul
Eli Zamora
Marisa Corvo
Madeline Consoer
Ryan Gallagher
Kelsie Watts

Team Blake:
Ian Flanigan
Jim Ranger
Taryn Papa
Aaron Scott
Jus Jon
Ben Allen