Season 19 of “The Voice” premiered on October 19 with a four chair turn, a block, jaw dropping surprises, and eight singers already paired up with coaches.

Coaches Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani have come armed with gifts for their team members.

Kelly leads the way with three members on her team; John and Blake follows with two each, and Gwen with just one singer on her team.

The blind auditions continue on Tuesday with more jaw dropping auditions.

Taryn Papa is a full time musician who has performed at Blake’s club in Nashville.  She gets the night of auditions started off with a Martina McBride song.  Blake was the first to turn his chair; followed by Kelly and Gwen; but Blake blocked Kelly.  Gwen said that she thinks she has a chance; adding that she gets Taryn.  John noted that Taryn has passion and emotion.  Blake said that there is currently no female singer like Taryn on the charts.  Taryn chose Blake to be her coach.

Kelly has been blocked twice now.

Liam St. John has been jumping all his life and was looking to be a pro athlete before turning to music full time.  Liam had to wait a while before Blake finally turned his chair; followed by Gwen.  Blake said that there must be some hearing issues since only two chairs turned.  John said that it was an all around good performance.  Gwen said that Liam sounded incredible; adding that his voice sounded rich.  Liam chose Gwen to be his coach.

Faye Moffett has played all around Tulsa for the past 10 years.  She performed before Rosa Parks when she was only 10 years old.  Faye performs “Anyone” with just the piano but failed to turn any of the chairs.  John was concerned about the runs.  Saying that she was gifted, Gwen said that she didn’t feel it.  Blake said that Faye had a very dominant vibrato.

Aaron Scott has a rock band called One Way North, but tonight the middle school teacher is performing solo and gets John to make a quick turn of his chair.  Blake joins John with a chair turn.  Blake said it was incredible.  John said that Aaron entered the song with such charisma and energy.  Kelly said that Aaron stands out.  Saying they made it tough, Aaron chose Blake to be his coach.

Madeline Consoer has been singing in Nashville and chose a Maren Morris song for her audition.  It took a bit but Kelly finally turned her chair…and used her block on Blake, who did not turn.  John said that it was a great song choice. Gwen said that she sounded so experienced.  Kelly is excited that she doesn’t have to fight with Blake.

Since Blake did not turn his chair, Kelly still has her block.

Saying that she wants to work with Gwen Cami Clune said that working with John would also be interesting.  She has been singing and dancing since she was four year old.  She sang “Skinny Love” for her audition and only got out two notes before Kelly turned her chair, John and Gwen quickly followed.  Blake eventually made it a four chair turn, only to find that he had been blocked.  Cami had the coaches on their feet.  John called the performance mesmerizing; adding that he would like to help her to the finale.  Gwen said that Cami is believable; adding that she could help Cami find hers.  Kelly noted that there is no one like her on the show.  Cami chose John to be her coach.

Parede Valente-Johnson works on a hemp farm but loves singing.  His audition will be his first performance.  While he rocked the stage, he failed to turn any chairs.  Kelly said the performance was a bit linear.  John noted that the song had too much growl and not enough singing.

Performing “The Prayer” in Italian, Ryan Gallagher, had to wait until near the end before Kelly and Blake pushed their buttons.  Kelly said that his voice was magical.  Ryan has travelled the world with his singing.  Kelly said that no one in the competition can touch him.  Blake said that he is a proud member of the Grand Ole Opera.  Ryan chose Kelly to be his coach.

Chloe Hogan began playing piano and singing since she was nine years old.  Chloe put her own spin on “What the World Needs Now” for her audition and had Gwen turning her chair right away.  Kelly said that she loved the style but heard some pitch issues.  Blake told her to go learn the music from the “Rapture” album by Anita Baker.  Gwen said that what she heard in the performance was exciting.

Kiari Mhoon is an Army man who sings in the Army chorus.  He met his husband in the Army.  Kiari sings “Wanted” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs.  Blake said that he felt like he heard three different singers; adding that it felt all over the map.  John noted that Kiari has potential.  Gwen called Kiari a diamond in the rough.  Kelly felt the emotion got away with him. 

In the final audition of the night, Sid Kingsley crossed the country from Virginia to Los Angeles for his audition.  Sid started out playing the saxophone, but for his audition he is playing the piano.  John and Gwen push their buttons at the same time.  Blake turns his chair.  John called the performance incredible; adding that he was impressed with Sid’s tenor voice.  Gwen said that Sid has a strong voice.  Kelly called herself an idiot for not turning.  Blake noted that Sid has a cool laid back confidence.  Sid said his mom told him to pick Blake, Sid decided to pick John to be his coach.

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade 
John Holiday
Cami Clune
Sid Kingsley

Team Gwen:
Lauren Frihauf
Liam St. John
Chloe Hogan

Team Kelly:
Joseph Soul
Eli Zamora
Marisa Corvo
Madeline Consoer
Ryan Gallagher

Team Blake:
Ian Flanigan
Jim Ranger
Taryn Papa
Aaron Scott