It’s Disney Night on “Dancing with the Stars”!

The 14 remaining couples will dance to music from Disney movies while looking to increase their scores over the past two weeks…and avoid being sent home.  Disney has brought some of the items from their Electric Light Parade to the Ballroom.

Skai and Alan danced a Jive to the music from “Princes and the Frog”.  Derek said that Skai looked like a beautiful princess; adding that Skai has a lot of potential but wasn’t impressed with the performance.  Bruno noted that Skai “went for it”; adding that she did very well.  Carrie Ann noted that Skai looked a bit nervous but got back on track.  Skai and Alan scored 18 points for their dance.

Monica and Val dance a Viennese Waltz to the music of “The Little Mermaid”.  Monica dedicated the dance to her family whom she says means the world to her.  Bruno said that Monica danced with such confidence; but cautioned her to watch her posture.  Carrie Ann said that the magic of Disney has touched Monica.  Derek called the dance beautiful but told her to watch her feet.  Derek noted that this week was much better than last week.  Monica and Val scored their highest score yet iwth 21 points for their dance.

Justina and Sasha dance a Charleston to the music of “Mary Poppins”.  The duo take a risk and perform with props – an umbrella and cane.  Carrie Ann loved the performance; adding that the two match each other and were perfectly in sync.  Derek didn’t feel like he got the whole Charleston.  Bruno called Justina delicious; adding that it felt like a wonderful Vaudevillian performance.   Justina and Sasha scored 19 points for their dance.     

AJ and Cheryl dance a Quickstep to the music of “Aladdin.  Derek said that he could always rely on AJ to make him smile.  Bruno loved it, adding that AJ kept the steps going well.  Carrie Ann liked that AJ put his own spin on the dance.  AJ and Cheryl scored 21 points for their dance.

Anne and Keo Quickstep to the music of “Hercules”.  In the rehearsal package, Anne called Keo a 30 year old god; adding that there was no better Hercules.  Bruno called the dance quite entertaining.  Carrie Ann said that they were off to a great start but then they lost control.  Derek suggested to Anne to learn the dance and then dance it alone to help her with the dance; adding he loved her acting and emotion in the dances.  Anne and Keo scored 15 points for their dance. 

Jeannie and Brandon dance a Viennese Waltz to the music of “Up”; complete with a bunch of balloons.  Carrie Ann said that Jeannie was great; adding that they were a good couple.  Derek called the dance beautiful with a fantastic frame; adding it was her best performance.  Bruno said that they captured the film like two actors in tune.  Jeannie and Brandon scored 22 points for their dance.  Jeannie was very excited and ran and took the eight from Bruno.

Nelly and Daniella dance a Foxtrot to a new Disney movie yet to be released – “Soul”.  Derek called the performance great.  Bruno called the dance charming; adding that Nelly was a real gentleman.  Bruno noted that they performed a slow Foxtrot which is very difficult to do.  Carrie Ann said that there is a naturalness form Nelly; adding that she wants to see a breakout.  Nelly and Daniella scored 18 points for their dance.

Carole and Pasha Samba to the music of “The Lion King”.  Bruno was stunned, saying that he has never seen a Samba like that before; adding that she just walked through it.  Carrie Ann said that Carole danced with love but lacked much of the Samba moves.  Derek thanked Carole for loving big cats.  He gave them a 10 for their costume.  Carole and Pasha scored 12 points for their dance.  Bruno gave them a three.

Kaitlyn and Artem dance a Rumba to the music of “Moana”.   Carrie Ann called it the best dance of the night.  Derek called the dance beautiful; adding that there was fluidity in the dance.  Bruno said that they reminded him of flow of water.  Kaitlyn and Artem scored 23 points for their dance.

Vernon and Peta dance a Quickstep to the music from “Beauty and the Beast”.  Vernon was hoping to play the beast but he must play the candlestick in the dance.  Derek said that Vernon radiates joy when he dances; adding that he enjoyed it.  Bruno said that Peta has tamed the beast; adding that Vernon is connected with his partner.  Carrie Ann said that the duo have found their balance; adding it is one of her favourite dances of the night.  Vernon and Peta scored 22 points for their dance.

Nev and Jenna dance an Argentine Tango to the music of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Bruno called it another hit for Captain Jack Sparrow.  Bruno noted that Nev had all the Argentine Tango steps while maintaining the character of Jack Sparrow.  Carrie Ann loved the characterization and the appropriate lifts.  Derek said, “now we’re cooking with some hot sauce:” adding that it was so good.  Derek said that Nev nailed it.  Nev and Jenna earned the highest score of the season so far when they scored 24 points for their dance.

Johnny and Britt danced a Rumba to the music from “Mulan”.  A tearful Carrie Ann said that it felt so good; noting that Johnny made the transition from an Olympic skater to a Ballroom dancer.  Derek called the performance beautiful.  Bruno noted that Johnny’s shapes were exquisite; adding that Johnny showed character and emotion.  Johnny and Britt scored 24 points for their dance.

Jesse and Sharna Jive to the music of “Newsies”.  Derek felt that Jesse was not as comfortable with the routine.  Bruno said that he felt it big time; adding that Jesse played the role brilliantly.  Bruno said that the footwork was very light.  Carrie Ann agreed with both of the guys; saying that Jesse could be on Broadway but needs to work on his musicality.  Jesse and Sharna scored 20 points for their dance.

Finishing out the night of dancing when Chrishell and Gleb Waltz to the music of “Cinderella”.  Bruno called Chrishell the belle of the ball; adding that he could feel the romance.  Carrie Ann said that they were stunning and magic together.  Derek called them stunning; adding that it was a beautiful dance.  Chrishell and Gleb scored 22 points for their dance.

Disney Night scores:
Carole and Pasha – 12
Anne and Keo – 15
Skai and Alan – 18
Nelly and Daniella – 18
Justina and Sasha – 19
Jess and Sharna – 20
Monica and Val – 21
AJ and Cheryl – 21
Jeannie and Brandon – 22
Vernon and Peta – 22
Chrishell and Gleb – 22
Kaitlyn and Artem – 23
Nev and Jenna – 24
Johnny and Britt – 24

After all of the scores and fan votes have been counted…
Nelly and Daniella
Nev and Jenna
Monica and Val
Vernon and Peta
Chrishell and Gleb
Kaitlyn and Artem
Johnny and Britt
Jesse and Sharna
Jeannie and Brandon
Justina and Sasha
AJ and Cheryl
and Skai and Alan are all safe for another week.

Anne and Keo and Carole and Pasha are the bottom two couples.  The judges will decide which couple will go home.

Derek saved Anne and Keo
Bruno saved Anne and Keo
Carrie Ann chose to save Anne and Keo

After being in the bottom two for two weeks, Carole and Pasha have been eliminated from the competition.