In this age of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and bans on large crowd gatherings musicians have had to think creatively when it comes to performances.

The Cold War Kids have combined the themed shows and virtual performances to create a virtual tour on four weekends.

Each of the shows will feature different music and will be available to every fan around the world.  There is no capacity limits and each show is open to everyone.

The first show is on October 10 and will celebrate the album “Robbers & Cowards” which the band will play in its entirety for the first time.

On October 25, Cold War Kids will be performing the albums “New Age Norms” both albums.  This will mark the first time that “New Age Norms 2” will be performed in full.

Changing things up a little for the November 8 show, the band will feature a “Festival set”

And for the final show on November 22, Cold War Kids will be performing a selection of “Deep Cuts and Fan Favorites”.

Tickets are $15 for each show.  For avid fans, the Cold War Kids is offering a $50 for all four shows deal.  Tickets are available at: