Sir Paul McCartney has been making music for most of his life and has dozens of albums to show for it.

In celebration of Record Store Day on September 26, Sir Paul is marking the day with a 50th anniversary limited edition release of his debut solo album “McCartney”.

With the breakup of The Beatles looming, Sir Paul released his debut solo album in April 1970 – just one month after The Beatles final release of “Let it Be”.  Known as the bass player for The Beatles, Sir Paul sent a message with the release of “McCartney” by producing the album himself AND playing every instrument on the album.

Among the 13 songs on the album is the hit song “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

Like the original album, the limited edition anniversary release is being issued on vinyl.

feature photo credit: By Jimmy Baikovicius from Montevideo, Uruguay – Paul McCartney – Out There Concert | 140420-5806-jikatu, CC BY-SA 2.0,