When RuPaul introduced the world to her competition reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, she opened up a whole new world to drag queens and fans alike.  Over the past 12 plus seasons dozens of drag queens have strutted their stuff of the runway and in the workroom; opening up a whole new world to television viewers.

On August 20, the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” family lost one of its members when season eight contestant and season three All Star Chi Chi DeVayne died as a result of Scleroderma and Pneumonia at the age of 34.  It is also suspected that she suffered from kidney failure.

Scleroderma is a rare disease where the skin hardens and tightens.  An auto immune disease, Scleroderma can be controlled but there is no cure.

Born Zavion Davenport is a native of Louisiana. 

Before becoming a drag queen and coming to Drag Race, Davenport was involved with gangs; adding that she came from the streets.

After joining the drag queen family DeVayne, she took the name Chi Chi and began working in the bars around Louisiana.

On “Drag Race”, DeVayne was known for her ability to create “drag on a dime”; calling herself the “cheap queen”.  Her introduction to “Drag Race” fans on season eight was walking into the work room wearing a dress made out of garbage bags.


After placing fourth in the competition, DeVayne made drag a full time career and even made appearances on several television shows and podcasts including “Little America”, “Hey Qween”, “Bootleg Opinions”, “How to Makeup”, “Drag Babies”, and “Whatcha Packin’”.  She made her “Drag Race” return on season three of the All Star version of the show.

RuPaul noted that Chi Chi will be missed but never forgotten.

No list of survivors was given.

feature photo credit: Chi Chi DeVayne’s Facebook page