The hard rocking band Mastodon are planning to celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of a rarities album titled “Medium Rarities”.

The band is also releasing a new song “Rufus Lives” as a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming film “Bill & Ted Face the Music”.

The soundtrack is due out August 28; while the new Mastodon album will be out on September 11.

“Medium Rarities” will be available in a variety of formats including one on pink vinyl and will include a number of guest artists.

The tracklisting for “Medium Rarities”:
“Fallen Torches” – previously unreleased
“A Commotion” “Asleep in the Deep” – instrumental version
“Capillarian Crest” – a live performance
“A Spoonful Weighs a Ton”
“Toe to Toes” – instrumental version
“Circle of Cysquatch – a live performance
“Jaguar God” – instrumental version
“Cut You Up with a Linoleum Life “Blood & Thunder” – a live performance
“White Walker
“Halloween” – an instrumental version
“Crystal Skull” – a live performance
“Iron Tusk” – a live performance


feature photo credit: By Jimmy Hubbard / Warner Music Sweden –, CC BY 3.0,