Next month, the Gander RV and Outdoors Truck Series and the Xfinity Series have stand alone racing events. NASCAR has made some modifications to the pit stall procedures for those races.

For the race at World Wide Technology Raceway on August 30, NASCAR will freeze the field at the end of the first two stages of 55 laps; teams will have the opportunity to make a pit stop if they wish. Teams have three minutes to make any adjustments, repairs, and pit service needed before reclaiming their on track position behind the drivers who did not make a pit stop. Drivers will line back up on the track in the order in which they came down pit road – lead lap trucks who did not pit, lead lap trucks who pitted, trucks lap(s) down, the free pass truck, wave around trucks, and finally any penalty trucks.

Should a team take more than the allotted time, they will have to restart the race from the back of the field.

Under normal caution flag conditions, the lead lap trucks pit first; followed by trucks not on the lead lap. For this race, all caution flags will be “quickie yellows” allowing all drivers to make a pit stop together.

Teams will be allowed to make a tire change only during the stage break stops; NASCAR will make an exception only for flat or damaged tires.

Gander Trucks managing director Brad Moran spoke on the changes saying, “we believe these updated procedures are the best fit for the lone NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series standalone race of 2020. Given the importance of this race in the Triple Truck Challenge and the Gander Trucks playoffs, we wanted to provide our fans with more green-flag racing and place the fate of the bonus in the drivers’ hands.”

At the Xfinity Series race at Road America on August 8; NASCAR will freeze the field at the time a caution flag comes out. Normally teams may add fuel, change two tires, or change all four tires in a single stop; however, for Road America, teams may change four tires, fuel the car, or change two tires and fuel the car. In order to make a four tire change and fuel the car, a team must make two pit stops.

NASCAR reserves the right to call for a quickie yellow during cautions for on track incidents. During green flag pit stops teams may only put fuel in the car. Whether or not a team may change any tires is at NASCAR’s discretion.

During a normal pit stop teams are working as quickly as possible to get their driver back out on the track; but for this race there are time limits – a minimum of 60 seconds for green flag stops and a maximum of 80 seconds for yellow flag stops.

On oval tracks, cars will race only during dry weather conditions; however, for the road course race at Road America, the teams will have access to wet weather tires and will continue to race even in the rain.