With the Summer Olympic Games postponed until next year due to the corona virus pandemic, Team USA has created the Giving Games to help encourage Americans to unite and support their athletes.

There are 25 different groups who have come together to launch the Giving Games to help raise money in order to avoid any financial hardships among the athletes.  While many Olympic teams receive subsidies from their governments; Team USA members must rely on donations from the community.

Had the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo taken place, they would have begun on July 24; therefore, the Giving Games will launch on the same day and run through August 9.

Giving Games Ambassador Darius Fulghum spoke on the events saying, “while I have to wait another year to achieve my Olympic dreams, Giving Games is a great opportunity to inspire America to support USA Boxing and all United States athletes.  Donations will not only help myself and my 2021 teammates but will help the next generation of Olympic Champions.”   Fulghum is a member of Team USA and the Heavyweight representative on the USA Boxing Olympic Qualification Team.  A Golden Gloves Champion in 2018, he earned his Nursing degree last year and is a Registered Nurse.
USA Boxing Executive Director Mike McAtee also spoke on the Giving Games saying, “this year has been extremely difficult for all, and our hope is to not only help support our 2021 Olympians, but help raise funds for our 1,700+ gyms that have been impacted by COVID-19 and impact the lives of so many youth that are our future Olympians.”

People who make donations may give to a specific sport or they may donate to the general support fund.

There are a number of ways that sports and Olympic fans can donate:
by taking the Giving Games quiz to find out what sport fits you best
Enter to win a sweepstakes package from Omaze
Join in to help set a world record for the most donations in a 24 hour period
or donate directly to a sport with the Medal of Giving

The top three donors in each sport will receive either a gold, silver, or bronze medal…just like the winning Olympians.

Donations can be made via givinggames2020.com/support.