With the risk of spreading the coronavirus, theatres around the world have closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

But innovator and architect Brendan Bradley has created an alternative that is not only safe but will not require the use of a mask or social distancing.

Bradley has created Future Stages – a virtual reality theatre experience.

The 3D virtual theatre will let theatre goers enter the theatre, visit the box office, shop for merchandise, get a program, and even visit the actors backstage all without leaving the comfort of the home.

Theatre goers can use a VR headset or even the web browser on their computer.  Visitors can even create their own avatar for their theatre experience.

Visitors can get a sneak peek at the concept via a walking tour at https://hubs.mozilla.com/weiAQnM/future-stages-tour.

And since the theatre is a virtual one, theatre goers can sit next to each other and talk to each other with no worry of getting sick.

Bradley has even created his theatre to simulate a real theatre in that voices do not carry – unless you are really loud – to disturb others or be heard across the room.

Producers will be able to “rent” a space to put on their production just like a brick and mortar theatre.

Currently some theatres and organizations are broadcasting productions on television or via streaming; but those are two dimensional platforms, Bradley’s creation is a three dimensional representation – just like being there.  And unlike a Zoom meeting or production where viewing is extremely limited, Bradley’s 3D VR Future Stages is viewer controlled.

On the performers side, Future Stages allows the performers to interact with each other via a dual camera system and a baby monitor app.

While a virtual reality setup, Bradley has designed the program for amateurs saying, “I want to make this as comprehensive as possible so that people don’t dismiss it.  If you have any technical know-how, my video should get you at least 90 percent of the way there. And I’m more than happy to talk.”