Producer Black Madonna is the latest artist to make a name change in the wake of a move to eliminate social injustice and inequality.

Saying, “my artist name has been a point of controversy, confusion, pain, and frustration,” has announced that going forward her name will be The Blessed Madonna.

Born Marea Stamper, the artist noted, “I have always been transparent about my faith because I felt a responsibility to be clear about who I was and who I was not.  The name was a reflection of my family’s lifelong and profound Catholic devotion to a specific kind of European icon of the Virgin Mary who is dark in hue.  People who shared that devotion loved the name, but in retrospect I should have listened harder to other perspectives.”

Churches around the world depict Jesus and the Virgin Mary as white; but there are others around Europe and in Latin America that show Mary as having dark skin.

The Blessed Madonna follows Lady Antebellum who changed their name to Lady A and The Dixie Chicks who are now known simply as The Chicks.


feature photo credit: The Blessed Madonna’s Facebook page