Mira Lehr’s Art of the Climate

The news in 2019 was dominated by words like climate change and global warming.


When the calendar turned over to 2020, the world shut down over the COVID-19 virus.  One thing the shutdown has shown is that reversing the damage down by the 2019 headlines are possible.


Artist Mira Lehr has created an exhibition titled “High Water Mark”.  The exhibition has been held over at the Menello Museum of Art in Orlando, Florida until September.  Lehr’s work is not small in size; one work in the exhibit is 40 feet in length.

The museum has recently reopened after being closed during the lock down.

Lehr spoke on events saying, “for the first time in history, humanity has witnessed how pollution on the Earth can be reversed.  . If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be aware now of how fossil fuels are killing the planet.  It’s time to develop new thoughts about energy, which we have, and start to use them.”

She added, “we can see clearly now, more than ever, how we are all interconnected. What affects one nation, will affect all nations. We are really one landmass in a one-world ocean.  This is the ideal time to be looking at the earth in this urgent manner.”

Lehr has spent over 50 years creating her environmentally themed artwork and now at 85 she shows no signs of slowing down.



Photos courtesy of William Spring, Jose Lima, and Mira Lehr


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