The American rock band Trapt has just released their eighth studio album “Shadow Work”.  Their newest album is currently available on digital streaming platforms.


The first three singles of the album – “Tell Me How You Really Feel,” “Far Enough Away” and “Make It Out Alive” – were released prior to the July 3rd album release.

The band says that “Make it Out Alive” is “dedicated to every American that is doing the best that they can to keep spirits elevated during the pandemic.”

Trapt lead vocalist Chris Taylor Brown added, “the concept of ‘Shadow Work’ is trying your best to understand and then accept the darkest parts of yourself.  Doing your best to keep those parts as close to you as you can and align them with the ideal version of you. The dark side holds a lot of power, if one can harness it in this way. We all need to truly know who we are and accept and love all parts of us, the good, bad and the ugly. I did a lot of soul searching at the same time I was writing new songs for ‘Shadow Work.’ These songs are like a diary for the last few years of my life. Musically, these songs flowed from the heart. The music would capture an emotion and I would then do my best to tell the story, those emotions brought out in me, with the lyrics.”

“Shadow Work” track listing:
“Make it Out Alive”
“I Want to Want What I Want”
“Tell Me How You Really Feel”
“Too Little too Late”
“Far Enough Away
“Turn Me Around Again”
“Trying too Hard”
“Let Me Down Slowly”
“Too Far Away”
“Get You Back”
“Hold and Be Held”


photos courtesy of Trapt