Bands like The Rolling Stones are currently unable to tour.  But fans will still be able to hear their favourite rockers with some new music.

The Stones are releasing some expanded versions of the “Goats Heads Soup” album on September 4, 2020.

The album was originally recorded in Jamaica, Los Angeles, and London; produced the hits “Angie”, “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo “, and “Dance with Mr D”; and topped record charts around the world in 1973.

Titled “Goats Head Soup 2020” is being released as a four disc CD, a vinyl box set, deluxe versions, as a single CD, on vinyl, and on cassette.

The Super Deluxe set features 35 songs on three CD’s and a Blu-Ray disc of the album that will include three previously unreleased songs and videos; along with a live concert performance.  The set will also include a 120 page book, and tour posters.

The two CD and vinyl sets include the album plus the rare tracks.

The single CD and vinyl albums feature the album in stereo.


feature photo credit: By Raph_PH – StonesStockholm121017-135, CC BY 2.0,