The first half of 2020 has been turned upside down with sporting events postponed and cancelled around the globe.

Postponed since March, the Major League Baseball season will finally get underway on July 23 with a doubleheader on ESPN featuring the New York Yankees and the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals in the early game and the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants in the late game.

With the games taking place with no fans in the stands, the television schedule is packed with games for fans to see including a triple header of games on FOX July 24 and a Sunday afternoon game on TBS July 26.

The “Field of Dreams” game originally scheduled between the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals on Aug 13 will still be played with the exception of the Yankees will no longer be a part of the game; they are being replaced by the Chicago White Sox.

Jackie Robinson Day has been moved to August 28 since there were no games on April 15 and on August 16, MLB will mark the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues.

Other special dates being honoured by MLB is Roberto Clemente Day on September 9 and on the final day of regular season play – September 27 – every game will begin at 3pm eastern time.

With all the delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 MLB baseball season will be only 60 games in length instead of the normal 162.  To cut down on travel and possible exposure to the virus, the teams will only be playing the teams in their own division and interleague teams in the same division.  There have been no changes thus far to the playoff format, which will continue to include 10 teams.

The shortened playing season also means few off days, with the exception of the teams playing on July 23 who will get an extra day, the teams will only have six days off.

While the teams must deal with an altered schedule, health checks, and safety protocols; they must also deal with altered rosters.  Several players have announced that they will be sitting out the 2020 playing season over concerns about the Covid-19 virus.

The 2020 MLB opening weekend schedule:
(all times are EDT)

July 23 – Yankees at Nationals – 7:08pm
July 23 – Giants at Dodgers – 10:08pm
July 24 – Braves at Mets – 4:10pm
July 24 – Tigers at Reds – 6:10pm
July 24 – Blue Jays at Rays – 6:40pm
July 24 – Martins at Phillies – 7:05pm
July 24 – Royals at Indians – 7:10pm
July 24 – Brewers at Cubs – 7:10pm
July 24 – Orioles at Red Sox – 7:30pm
July 24 – Rockies at Rangers – 8:05pm
July 24 – Twins at White Sox – 8:10pm
July 24 – Pirates at Cardinals – 8:15pm
July 24 – Mariners at Astros – 9:10pm
July 24 – Diamondbacks at Padres – 9:10pm
July 24 – Giants at Dodgers – 9:40pm
July 24 – Angels at Athletics – 10:10pm
July 25 – Brewers at Cubs – 1:05pm
July 25 – Orioles at Red Sox – 1:35pm
July 25 – Twins at White Sox – 2:10pm
July 25 – Pirates at Cardinals – 2:15pm
July 25 – Blue Jays at Rays – 3:10pm
July 25 – Marlins at Phillies – 4:05pm
July 25 – Rockies at Rangers – 4:05pm
July 25 – Braves at Mets – 4:10pm
July 25 – Angels at Athletics – 4: 10pm
July 25 – Mariners at Astros – 4:10pm
July 25 – Giants at Dodgers – 4:10pm
July 25 – Royals at Indians – 5:10pm
July 25 – Tigers at Reds – 5:10pm
July 25 – Yankees at Nationals – 7:15pm
July 25 – D-Backs at Padres – 9:10pm