Astronaut John Glenn’s widow Annie died May 19, 2020 in a nursing home near St. Paul as a result of complications from the Covid-19 virus at the age of 100.

Dealing with a severe stutter, Annie became an advocate for people with speech impairments.

Besides advocating for speech disorders, Annie worked with child abuse organizations.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has an award named for Annie Glenn given to people who have overcome communication disorders.

She was 53 when she entered what was then Hollins College and the Communications Research Institute to learn the skills that would help her control her stuttering.  She later became an adjunct professor of speech pathology at Ohio State University.

Annie found herself thrust into the spotlight in 1962 when husband John became the first American to go into space when he orbited the earth.

Husband John wasn’t the only member of the Glenn family to earn honours; Annie was presented with the Department of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service.  In 2009 Ohio State presented her with an honourary doctorate degree.

Anna Margaret Castor was born on February 17, 1920 in Columbus, Ohio.  She gave up an organ scholarship to the Julliard School of Music just as World War II broke out and chose to stay in Ohio with longtime friend John.

Predeceased by husband John, who died in 2016, Annie’s survivors include her children Lyn and David.

John and Annie had been married for 73 years at the time of his death.


feature photo credit: By NASA Kennedy from United States – KSC-JohnGlenn-0021, Public Domain,