Idol Crowns a Winner

“American Idol” has come to the end of another season with a grand finale filled with performances and the crowning a new Idol.

But first, the results that will reveal the final five…
Dillon James is the first artist moving on to the final.
Jonny West is also moving on to the finals.
The third person in the finals is Arthur Gunn.
Francisco Martin also moves on to the finals.
And the final spot goes to Just Sam…the only girl in the finale.

Julia Gargano and Louis Knight have been eliminated.

This is a live voting event with the winner announced at the end of the show.

For round one, the singers were asked to pick the song they would celebrate with and sing once the pandemic is over.

Dillon James is up first with “Change the World” by Eric Clapton.  Katy called it one of his best performances; adding that it was effortless.  Luke said that it felt natural.  Lionel said that Dillon’s vocal performance was stellar.

Up next is Francisco Martin with “Adore You” by Harry Styles.  Luke enjoyed watching Francisco.  Lionel said that Francisco earned his spot in the finals.  Katy agreed that Francisco deserved to be there.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced that “American Idol” would be back next year.

Just Sam chose “Stronger” by original Idol Kelly Clarkson for her celebration song.  The judges kept saying wow.  Lionel said that Sam brought attitude; adding that she killed it.  Katy noted that Sam doesn’t need to go back to singing in the subway…unless she wants too.  Luke called Sam a wonderful blessed singer.

Arthur Gunn put down his guitar this week to rock out the Gavin DeGraw song “I Don’t Wanna Be”.  In the pre-song video, the producer asked Arthur what his dream was and Arthur said that he is living it.  Katy said that Arthur is leaving it all on the floor; adding that he has grown so much.  Luke noted that Arthur connected with the camera and did a great job.  Lionel called the performance unbelievable and magical.

Finishing out round one, Jonny West performed “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”.  Lionel noted that Jonny can take any song in any style and make it his own.  Luke said that Jonny navigates the songs like a 40 year seasoned performer.  Katy said that she was getting lost in the performance.

Round two performances are the songs the singers would release if they won the title.

For his round two song, Dillon James chose the Bob Dylan classic “The Times They are a Changing”.  Lionel said that Dillon turned it into his song.  Katy noted that Dillon’s performance showed off more vocally.  Luke noted that this performance was better than the one Dillon did for his showcase in Hawaii.

Francisco returns with a performance of “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers.  Katy called the performance an elevated version; adding that it sounded like it was recorded in a professional studio.  Luke said that the sky is the limit for Francisco’s career.  Lionel called Francisco a model student; adding that he has taken all of their notes.

Just Sam returns with a performance of “Rise Up” by Audra Day.  After much clapping, Luke noted that Sam has grown on all levels.  Lionel called Sam an inspiration; adding that others can relate to her.  Lionel said that Sam has won in life.  Katy said what she gave them was that she rose up.

Mentor Bobby Bones noted that Arthur Gunn has travelled over 7,000 miles to realize his dream.  Arthur put his own spin on the Credence Clearwater Revival song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.  Lionel called Arthur an absolute star; adding that he has carved his place.  Katy said that Arthur was tremendous.  Luke said that Arthur is a star and authentic.  Luke told Arthur that if there are any more singers like him in Katmandu, to call them and tell them to come out next year.  Idol host Ryan Seacrest noted that Arthur has performed the song three times but has performed it differently every time.

Jonny West closes out the competition portion of the show with a performance of his original song “Makin’ Love”.  Katy noted that Jonny is already thinking about the future; adding that the song has soul and she is a fan.  Luke called the song radio ready.  Lionel called Jonny a singer, songwriter, producer extraordinaire.

Idol judge and Country music star Luke Bryan kicks off the superstar performance portion of the show with what he calls a drinking song – “One Margarita”.

At the Savannah auditions, Douglas Kiker sang “Bless the Broken Road”.  He returns to perform the song with Rascal Flatts.

Award winning Christian singer Lauren Daigle joins Just Sam for a performance of Daigle’s song “You Say”.

Katy Perry debuts her new single “Daisies”.

Broadway actor and award winning singer Cynthia Ervio and the top eleven singers pay tribute to “The Queen of Sou” Aretha Franklin.

In the next results, Arthur Gunn learns that he is one of the top two finalists.

And joining him is Just Sam.

Francisco, Dillon, and Jonny have been eliminated.

And in the final results of the season…

The new “American Idol” for 2020 is Just Sam!

New Idol Sam, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and some Idol alums including Phillip Phillips, Lauren Alaina, Kelly Pickler, Scotty McCreery, Reuben Stoddard, and Fantasia join Lionel Richie for a new performance of “We are the World”.  Richie penned the song with Michael Jackson as a charity single 35 years ago.  Richie has not performed the song since its original recording in 1985 in an all night recording session after the Grammy Awards.

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