Still working from their homes, the top 20 singers on “American Idol” will learn tonight who will move on to the top 10 after the fan vote eliminates half of them.

The show opens with season 10 winner Phillip Phillips singing his hit “Home” while clips of the top 20 are aired in their homes.  The theme for tonight is “Home” or places that make them feel at home.

This week Katy Perry comes dressed as a roll of toilet paper…but didn’t stay in costume.

Some 36 million votes were cast last week.  Unlike the earlier season that sported similar vote numbers, fans are limited to just 10 votes per week.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced that tonight only the judges have a chance to save one of the singers.

This week the singers get some one on one time with mentor Bobby Bones.

In the first results of the night, Louis Knight is the first singer in the top 10.  An excited Louis said that his heart is beating through the roof.  This past week Louis was delivering pizzas to health care workers  Louis chose the Coldplay song “In My Place”.  Sans her toilet paper costume, Katy said that it was a good song choice.  Luke wasn’t blown away; but said that Louis has star quality.  Lionel called the performance really good.

This week’s votes will place the top seven.

The next singer moving on to the top 10 is Julia Gargano.  Living in New York City, Julia chose “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel for her “Home” themed song.  Luke called it his favourite performance of the year so far.  Lionel said that Julia took the song and made it her own.  Katy agreed with Luke; adding that Julia showed off how talented of a singer she was.

The third singer moving on to the top 10 was Jovin Webb “Voodoo” by Allen Stone.  Lionel loved the performance; adding that it was fabulous coming out of Jovin’s mouth.  Katy said that she was at a NOLA bar drinking; adding that she escaped with Jovin.  Luke said that Jovin did not hit one bad note; adding it was his best performance.

The next Idol hopeful moving into the top 10 is Country singer Grace Leer.  She chose “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – a song she grew up singing.  Noting it was an unusual performance, Katy said that she showed off a big voice.  Agreeing with Katy, Luke loved the performance.  Lionel reminded Grace to remember who her audience is.

The next singer moving into the top 10 is Jonny West.  Jonny sang the Journey hit “Faithfully”.   Luke noted that Jonny’s ability to look comfortable is amazing; adding that he can do anything.  Lionel said that Jonny made the song his own.  Katy said the performance was beautiful and magical; adding that she wants to see one of his shows.

Halfway through building the top 10.  The next singer to join the coveted group is Sophia James.  Singing from her room in California, Sophia chose “In My Room” by The Beach Boys for her song.  Lionel noted that Sophia has done the work; adding that he loves her delivery.  Katy noted that Sophia has a career in music…with or without Idol.  Luke called Sophia a wonderful vocalist; adding that it was magic to watch.

The next singer moving on to the top 10 is Arthur Gunn.  All of the singers were surprised to learn their results, but Arthur was truly shocked to get the news.  The Nepal native chose the John Denver smash hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads” but with a reggae beat; saying that it reminds him of his home.  Katy said that she more connected with that performance.  Luke noted that Arthur put his own vibe on the song and showcased himself.  Lionel noted that Arthur made the song believable; adding that he loved what Arthur did.

Only three more spots remain to fill the top 10 and 13 singers hoping theirs is the next name to be called.

The next person moving into the top 10 is Just Sam.  Alone in California, Sam chose not to go home to New York when the news to quarantine came out.  She chose the Bill Withers song “Grandma’s Hands” for her Grandma in New York.  Luke noted that it is Sam’s range that makes her worth listening too.  Katy said that the song reminded her of being is church.

Filling one of the last two open spots in the top 10 is Dillon James.  Dillon said that he was not expecting that to happen. Dillon sang The Beatles hit and most covered song in history “Yesterday”.  Lionel noted that Dillon has a very identifiable voice.  Luke and Katy were looking for a little more shape and form in the song.

And the final singer in the top 10 is Francisco Martin!  Francisco’s mom is a nurse working on the front lines.  He chose the James Arthurs song “Falling Like the Stars”.  An emotional Katy, said the song was believable and she felt it.  Luke called Francisco a diamond in the rough.  Lionel gave a shout out to Francisco’s mom; adding that Francisco showed who he was and did a great job.

During a commercial break the judges discussed whether or not they wanted to take advantage of their one and only save for the season.  They chose to use the save.  Katy revealed that they were saving Makayla Phillips.  Katy said that Makayla can give the other singers a run for their money if she chooses the right songs.

Makayla’s dad is a fireman.  She chose to sing the Miranda Lambert song “The House that Built Me”.  Luke said that he is glad she came back to show how great she is.  Lionel called Makayla a star.  Katy said that she felt like Makayla was singing directly to her.

Next week the top eleven become the top seven with only two weeks remaining in the season.