It has been five years since psyche rockers Gateway Drugs has released an album.  On May 8 they will be releasing their new album “PSA”.  The new album is the follow up to “Magick Spells”.

The band has just released their newest single “I’m Always Around”; the follow up to “Slumber”.

Recorded live, the band had the recording completed in less than two weeks.  Speaking on the album, the band said, “”PSA’ is an album that reflects everything that is wrong in the here and now: the weaknesses of the world laid bare, and the almost total state of apathy we all find ourselves in due to feeling powerless to effect any change with respect to all this.”

Based in Los Angeles, Gateway Drugs is comprised of siblings Liv, Noa, and Gabe Niles; along with friend James Sanderson.

“PSA” track list:
“Wait (Medication)”
“I’m Always Around”
“Backroom Lover”
“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
“Psychotic Reaction”