It’s the final week of the knockout rounds on “The Voice” with award winning music icon James Taylor as the mega mentor this season.

Nick and Kelly only have one singer on their teams while Blake and John each have three singers on their teams.

Blake and John have used their one steal, but Kelly and Nick still have their steals remaining.

Team Legend is up first with two four chair turns Thunderstorm Artis and Mandi Castillo. Mandi chose the Ben E King song “Stand By Me”. Thunderstorm chose one of his coach’s own songs – “Preach”. Nick noted that both of the artists have been among his favourites. Blake noted that America is making up their minds right now. John said that this one is tough. John loved the version of his song that Thunderstorm did; adding that Mandi was just flawless. John chose Mandi as the winner of the battle. Nick pushed his button to steal Thunderstorm. The third time was the charm for Nick attempting a steal.

Up next was Nick with Arei Moon and steal John Mullins for a battle. Aeri chose the Alicia Keys song “You Don’t Know My Name”. John chose the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud”. Both singers were impressed by their competitors. Kelly called both singers very powerful. Blake noted that John really went for it. John noted that he sang backup vocals on the original recording. John noted that both gave excellent performances. Nick said that he was in turmoil; adding that he didn’t know what to do. Saying that he hated to have to make the decision, Nick chose Arei as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired up Taylor Green and Micah Iverson for a singing battle. Micah chose the Halsey song “Graveyard”; saying that he was trying to stretch himself. Taylor chose the Cyndi Lauper song “Time After Time”. Taylor brought the coaches to their feet with her performance. Blake called both singers very talented; adding that it showed how song choice was so important. John noted that Micah had a great voice for the radio but Taylor was a star. Nick also noted that Micah’s choice of song didn’t allow him to shine as much as he could have. Kelly noted that Micah chose a really hard song to do; adding that Taylor made the song her own. Stalling as long as she could, Kelly chose Micah as the winner of the battle.

Nick paired Allegra Miles and Jacob Miller for a battle. Jacob chose “Better Now” by Post Malone and Allegra chose the Sia song “Chandelier” for her song. Both singer brought the coaches to their feet. Kelly said that both singers were fantastic. Blake said that the performances were even. John called it such a good knockout; adding that both singers were so good. Nick noted that Jacob has come out of his shell; adding that Allegra’s voice is magical. Frustrated that he paired the two together, Nick chose Allegra as the winner of the battle.

In a clip, Kelly paired Mandi Thonmas and Anaya Cheyenne for a battle with Mandi taking the win.

Blake paired steal Cedrice and Toneisha Harris for a battle. With both girls choosing Rihanna songs, Cedrice chose “Love on the Brain” and Toneisha chose “Diamonds” for her performance. John thought that both singers gave a great performance. Nick said that it is an honour to hear Cedrice, but he is jealous of Toneisha. Kelly said that both singers have incredibly powerful voices. Blake said that both singers were equal in what they did; adding that they gave it their all. After bringing the house down, Blake named Toneisha as the winner of the battle. Kelly pushed her button to steal Cedrice to give Cedrice her third coach this season.

It’s time for the four saved artists to battle it out together for the first fan vote of the season. Team Blake’s Todd Michael Hall, Team Kelly’s Samantha Howell, Team Legend’s Nelson Cade III, and Team Nick’s Michael Williams will all strut their stuff and the fans will get to pick only one of them. Up first is Todd with “Somebody to Love”, Nelson chose to sing “Best Part” and play the piano, Michael chose “You are the Reason”, and Samantha chose the classic “Always on My Mind”..

Team Blake:
Joei Fulco
Todd Tilghman
Joanna Serenko – steal
Toneisha Harris

Team Kelly:
Megan Danielle
Micah Iverson
Mandi Thomas
Cedrice – steal

Team Legend:
CammWess – steal
Mike Jerel
Zan Fiskum
Mandi Castillo

Team Nick:
Roderick Chambers
Thunderstorm Artis – steal
Arei Moon
Allegra Miles