It’s the last night for final judgment on “American Idol”.

When the show ended last week, Dillon James was awaiting his results. Eight singers have already been placed into the top 20 and will be singing for fan votes.

Lionel Richie reveals that he has some good news…good news, Dillon is an artist; the great news…he is in the top 20! Dillon was very emotional upon hearing the news.

Genavieve Linkowski got the news from Luke that he didn’t feel a connection in her showcase performance and will not be moving on to the next round. Katy said that she was impressed by Genavieve’s growth.

Franklin Boone has been working to make music his life beyond teaching. After telling Franklin that they are having to let some good people go, Katy revealed that Franklin is not one of them and will be in the top 20.

Julia Gargano impressed Katy with her original song at the original audition. After her performance of a Pink song in the showcase, Luke told Julia that she is in the top 20; adding that she could go all the way.

Aliana Jester was really nervous to learn her results; Lionel revealed that she is a part of the top 20.

Sophia Wacherman earned a standing ovation during Hollywood week and wowed the judges again in her showcase performance. Sophia thought she was being pranked when Katy told her she was in the top 20.

After squeaking through Hollywood week, Robert Taylor but redeemed himself somewhat with his showcase performance of a Sir Elton song. But it wasn’t quite enough, Robert did not make the top 20.

Lionel called Kimmy Gabriela top 10 material in her audition. Since then it has been a series of firsts for the 17 year old. Saying that she doesn’t remember all of Kimmy’s performances, Katy told her that it wasn’t enough to just be a good singer; but she will be a part of the top 20.

After a clip of some singers who did not make it, Shannon Gibbons learned that she also did not make the top 20.

Cyniah Lee is among the youngest singers to make it in the top 40 and chose the Labelle hit “Lady Marmalade” for her showcase performance.

Makayla Phillips had the crowd singing along with her showcase performance.

Lauren Spencer-Smith sang “Respect” for her showcase performance.

All three of the teens have earned a spot in the top 20.

Olivia Ximmenes ended the night of showcase performances with “Proud Mary” and brought the judges to their feet. After calling her performance amazing, Lionel told Olivia that she is in the top 20.

Only two spots remain in the top 20.

Lionel called Arthur Gunn one of the most unique singers in the competition. The Nepelese native chose a Bob Marley song for his showcase performance. Calling Arthur pure light, Lionel told Arthur that he is in the top 20.

And then there was one…
Demi Rae did not make it to the top 20 but Katy told her it was the beginning of the new Demi.

In the final decision Country music singers Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti learned their results together. Luke said that both performances were really great. Saying that they couldn’t make a decision, the judges decided to leave it up to American voters and moved them both on to the next round.

he top 20:
Nick Merico
Dewayne Crocker
Louis Knight
Francisco Martin
Jovin Webb
Faith Becnel
Just Sam (Diaz)
Jonny West
Dillon James
Franklin Boone
Julia Gargano
Aliana Jester
Sophia Wacherman
Kimmy Gabreila
Cyniah Lee
Makayla Phillips
Lauren Spencer-Smith
Olivia Ximmenes
Arthur Gunn
Grace Leer
Lauren Mascitti

Host Ryan Seacrest is asking fans to begin voting now to decide whether it will be Lauren or Grace moving on to the top 20.

Next week, Idol takes a closer look at the top 20.