It’s week two of the auditions and “American Idol” travels to Savannah to begin the auditions.

After a prayer from the family, Cyniah Elise wowed the judges with a performance that had Lionel comparing her to a young Whitney Houston. After getting her ticket to Hollywood, the large musical family comes into the audition room. Noticing all the young faces, Lionel notes who they will be seeing in seasons to come and invites them all to come…one by one.

Kay Genyse impressed the judges with her personality, but not so much with her voice.After initially getting a no, Kay told Katy that she would do whatever it took to make it to the next level. Katy told her to take it to the street where she performed for the crowd who gave her a yes, the judges agreed and Kay got her ticket to Hollywood.

The first male cheerleader to make it onto the Philadelphia Eagles cheer leading squad, Kyle Taylor brought the whole squad to join him for his audition. Even though he has no previous singing experience, Kyle impressed the judges enough to get his ticket to Hollywood. Katy requested Kyle sing the song one step up and later told him that picking the right key was important; Lionel and Luke noted that Kyle has some work to do and has some stiff competition. Kyle gave each of the judges an Eagles jersey.

Louisiana native Jovin Webb blew the judges away with his performance of “Whipping Post” by The Allman Brothers. Lionel said that Jovin brought the BBQ sauce to “American Idol”. Katy got chills and Luke said that he could drink a lot of bourbon listening to that voice; adding that he would fly to whatever bar Jovin was singing in to hear that voice. Jovin got his ticket to Hollywood.

There was a gas leak in the building that forced an evacuation and brought the fire department. The problem turned out to be an issue with the pilot light in the kitchen and once rectified, the auditions began. But first the firemen had to do a little singing of “Al Night Long” by Lionel for the judges.

After some crazy vocal warm ups, Claire Jolie Goodman sang Broadway and Opera for her audition. Noting that she was comfortable in the Broadway style, Lionel said that Idol was not in her wheelhouse. Katy told Claire that if she wanted to be a Broadway star, then she should go there. Saying that she has some tremendous gifts, Luke told Claire to go to Broadway.

In between singers, Luke and Lionel muck around on the piano.

After being cut in Hawaii last season, Margie Mays returns to Idol and this time she brings her boyfriend along to play piano and audition himself. Katy called the performance nice but Margie didn’t choose the right song. Noting that Margie sang some bad notes last time, Luke said that there were no bad notes this time. Lionel liked the Margie that came back. The guys gave Margie a yes…and her ticket back to Hollywood.

Boyfriend Johnny West sang an original song for his audition. Katy called him silent but deadly; adding that he was so pro and pleasing to the ear. Katy noted that Johnny may go further than Margie. Lionel said that Johnny has everything Johnny needs to be a star. Luke said that Johnny has some special stuff. Johnny got three yeses and his own ticket to Hollywood.

Big families were the theme of the day for “American Idol” but none was bigger than Sarah Isen’s. Raised by two moms, Sarah learned who her sperm donor father was at age 14…and that she has 25 half brothers and sisters. She brought her moms, biological dad, and 10 of her siblings with her for the audition. Calling her performance flawless, Luke was blown away by the audition. Lionel noted that Sarah’s low end voice that would have him listening to every word. Katy loved Sarah’s beautiful alto voice but wanted more dynamics in the performance. Sarah got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Calling herself a universal show opener, Eliza Catastrophe brought gifts for the judges that included some very strong smelling sardines. She sang her original song “Sardines” and while the judges liked the song and felt she was entertaining; they didn’t think she was right for Idol.

During another break, the judges were roller skating around the room.

Julia Gargano performed an original song that had Katy hugging the singer. Katy said that Julia was every bit as good as Catie Turner and Alejandro; adding that she was a top five artist. Luke called the performance big time and Lionel said that she gave them the whole thing. Julia got her ticket to Hollywood.

Margie and Johnny were not the only couple to come to Idol for a shot at the show; married couple Curt Jones and Hannah Prestridge entered the room together for an audition. With Curt going first, Katy called him an authentic Country singer, Luke and Lionel noted that Curt supports Hannah. For Hannah; Katy said that she had something special, Luke noted that he could hear the pain in Hannah’s voice, and Lionel called Hannah the lead. Curt got a no from the judges but Hannah got her ticket to Hollywood.