In days gone by, New Year’s Eve was simply a marking of time – the end of one year and the dawning of another. But in modern times, the ending of another year is cause for celebration – sending off the old and ringing in the new.

The end of 2019 marked more than just the end of a year, it also marked the end of another decade and called for a little extra celebration.

In Niagara Falls, New York revelers packed the Hard Rock Cafe for a rock and roll part. Western New York rockers That 80’s Hair Band kept the party going by playing fan favourites all night long, stopping only long enough for everyone to watch the fireworks display to ring in the New Year. The fireworks – as they are every night – were courtesy of our neighbours across the river in Canada.

Niagara Falls native and lead singer Rob Neubauer sang songs by some of the biggest rock band of the eighties including Guns ‘N’ Roses, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Living Colour, Alice in Chains, Cinderella, KISS, The Kinks, Def Leppard, Billy Idol, Prince, Poison, and Metallica.

Band regulars Rob and Jason Neubauer, Rob, and Joe were joined by the original That 80’s Hair Band drummer Chris who was sitting in for regular drummer Mike who was down for the count after an automobile accident.

Even as the guys in the band were trying to pack up gear amid the bundles of balloons, Hair Band and rock fans were calling for more and yelling out song titles.

New Year’s Eve is still a day on the calendar that marks the passage of time; but in this era of rock and roll, the time is marked with a rollicking beat and a big party.