Looking for a spot in the top 10, the eleven remaining acts on “The Voice” take the stage once again for fan votes as they sing songs suggested by the fans.

Team Legend’s Katie Kaden with Harry Neilson’s “Without You”. Host Carson Daly said what a way to start the show. Kelly said that Katie sang it way the song should be sung. John called the performance utterly stunning; adding that it was incredible and he pitied anyone who had to follow her.

Team Blake’s Kat took on a traditional spiritual with “I’ll Fly Away” but puts her own spin on the old classic. Gwen called Kat original and unique. Coach Blake said that every week people are figuring out how special Kat is to music and the show; adding that it was magic.

Team Kelly’s Shane Q sang the Shawn Mendes song “Mercy”. Kelly took her team to the set of her show this week. John was grooving to the song. John called Shane a great vocalist; adding that he felt it today with swag. John called it Shane’s best performance on the show. Kelly called Shane so gifted; adding that his singing is effortless.

Team Gwen’s Joana sang the Selena song “Dreaming of You”. Gwen took her team to Whiskey-A-Go Go – a club she played when she was only 17. Blake said that he couldn’t think of a dummber decision than letting her go; adding Joana is coming in to her moment. Gwen called Joana perfection tonight.

Team Legend’s Will brought his biggest fan to rehearsals – his pug Oscar. Fans chose The Doors hit “Light My Fire” – a song never been done on the show before – but Will is performing a Jose Feliciano inspired version of the song. Blake said that he has been a fan from the beginning; adding that he has never been crazy about the song…until now. John said that he is an honoured member of the “Blue Crew” – Will’s fans; adding that it was an incredible performance.

Team Gwen’s Rose sang the Paul McCartney song “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Carson said, no maybe about it, that was amazing. Kelly said that she felt saved; adding that it was tastefully done. Gwen said that she was so moved; adding that it was mesmerizing.

Team Kelly’s Hello Sunday performed “The Middle”. Blake said that he couldn’t brag on them enough because they are so talented. Kelly noted that the girls are fun like kids, poised and sing like women.

Team Gwen’s Myracle sang the R.E.M. Song “Everybody Hurts”. John was moved by the pre song package; adding that it is a powerful thing. Gwen called the performance beautiful and flawless.

Team Legend’s Marybeth sang “Stars”. Saying that she loves the song, Kelly said that Marybeth soared on the song. Thanking the fans for choosing the song, John said it was right in Marybeth’s pocket; adding that it was one of her best performances.

Team Kelly’s Jake sang the Trace Adkins song “Every Light in the House is On”. Gwen said that she has been a fan from the beginning, noted that Jake is a diamond in the rough. Kelly loved the performance; adding that every time Jake opens his mouth it reminds her of her childhood.

Closing out the night’s performances, Team Blake’s Ricky takes on Rod Stewart with “Downtown Train”. The Coaches were on their feet after the performance. John said that sometimes he forgets that Ricky is a contestant because he looks like he should be one of the coaches. Blake noted that he has had people in the industry asking about him; adding that Ricky is having his moment.

On Tuesday, one artist will go home when the top 10 are revealed.