It’s the “Last Dance” on “Dancing with the Stars” and the chance for fans to vote for the winner of the mirroball trophy.

The night opens with a group performance to “Last Dance” by Donna Summer.

Ally and Sasha get the night of competition started off with a revisit of their Jive to “Proud Mary”. Tom called it a goosebump inducing Jive. Len said that Ally did a fantastic job. Birthday Boy Bruno said that is how you start a show…full out and with maximum effect. Carrie Ann noted that is why Ally is still here. Ally and Sasha scored 30 points for their dance.

Lauren and Gleb danced a Foxtrot to “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. Lauren said that the Foxtrot was her favourite dance and she is obsessed with Dolly Parton. Bruno noted that they could tell how much she loved the song; adding that she really told the story in her dance. Bruno liked her commitment to the story. Carrie Ann noted that Lauren has improved as a dancer but felt that she held back a bit. Len noted that the dance had a mix of flair and care – part of the set fell while he spoke. Lauren and Gleb scored 27 points for their dance.

Kel and Witney dance a Jazz routine to the music form “High School Musical” – the dance Witney called his breakout dance. The audience was cheering while waving red and white pom poms. Carrie Ann said that it was great the first time Kel did the dance and better the second time around. Len called Kel the leader of the pack; adding that he did terrific. Bruno said that Kel’s musicality was beautiful to watch. Kel and Witney scored 30 points for their dance.

Hannah and Alan finish out round one with a Viennese Waltz. Len said that the dance was well done. Bruno noted that it was so much better but there was a misstep. Carrie Ann called it Hannah’s best dance of the season. Hannah and Alan scored 28 points for their dance.

Repeat Dance scores:
Lauren and Gleb – 27
Hannah and Alan – 28

Ally and Sasha – 30
Kel and Witney – 30

Before the finalists take to the dance floor for their freestyle routines, Pitbull and Ne-Yo perform while the DWTS cast returns to dance.

Ally and Sasha kick off the Freestyle round with their dance that Ally calls a celebration of her time with Sasha. The duo dance to “Conga” by Gloria Estefan and got rousing applause from the crowd. An excited Bruno love the playing of drums; adding that the dance was a show stopper. Carrie Ann said that she has never seen anything like that in all of DWTS. Len called the dance high energy and fast paced; adding that the music was recreated in every movement they made. Ally and Sasha scored 30 points for their dance to earn a perfect score for the night.

American Idol” judge Lionel Richie announces the winner of the golden ticket to Hollywood for the next season on “American Idol”. During the American Music Awards Logan, Layla, and Shawn performed for fan votes. Lionel named Layla as the winner of the golden ticket

Lauren and Gleb take the dance floor for their Country themed Freestyle. Tom called the dance incredible. Carrie Ann called it the perfect Freestyle for Lauren. Len noted that Lauren payed homage to her roots and he liked the dance because he didn’t know what to expect. Bruno called the line dance portion delicious. Lauren and Gleb scored 30 points for their dance. Those are Lauren’s first 10’s of the season. Their total for the night is 57.

The pros take the dance floor for a performance to the music of Whitney Houston.

Co-host Erin Andrews announces that all four of the finalists will be joining the DWTS tour this winter.

Hannah and Alan take the dance floor for their Freestyle to the music of Alicia Keys. Len said that he was caught unawares with a sharp, crisp, and great dance. Bruno said it was sexy and superb. Carrie Ann said that Hannah is living her best life; adding that it was a victorious Freestyle. Hannah and Alan scored 30 points for their dance for a total of 58 points.

In the final dance of the night and the season, Kel and Witney perform their Freestyle. Tom said what a way to end the competition as the crowd roared. Bruno loved the footwork; adding that the final acceleration was exhilerating and brought the house down. Carrie Ann said that her inner fly girl was happy. Len felt that it was similar to the dance he did earlier; adding that it was really good as the audience booed him. Erin called it the best Freestyle she has ever seen. Kel brought his backup dancers from Chicago. Kel and Witney got a 29 for their dance for a total of 59 points.

Freestyle Round scores:
Kel and Witney – 29
Ally and Sasha – 30
Lauren and Gleb – 30
Hannah and Alan – 30

Total scores:
Lauren and Gleb – 27 + 30 = 57
Hannah and Alan – 28 + 30 = 58
Kel and Witney – 30 + 29 = 59

Ally and Sasha – 30 + 30 = 60

Award winning entertainer and former DWTS judge returns to the Ballroom for a performance of her hit song “The Beat Goes On”.

And for the final results of the season…

The couple in fourth place is Lauren and Gleb!
The couple in third place is Alley and Sasha!

It’s down to Kel and Witney and Hannah and Alan.

And the winner is…

Hannah and Alan!

Kel and Witney take second place.