On Monday night’s episode (Nov 18) all 13 of this season’s acts performed for fan votes. On the Tuesday results show two of those acts will go home when the 13 become eleven.

Team Kelly’s Jake Hoot’s performance earned the biggest number of streams after the performance show.

In the first results of the night…
Team Legend’s Marybeth Byrd is safe
Team Kelly’s Hello Sunday are safe
Team Gwen’s Rose Short is safe

Gwen takes the stage with her team Myracle, Rose, and Joana for a performance.

In the next results…
Team Blake’s Kat Hammock is safe
Team Legend’s Katie Kaden is safe

After a commercial break, the next two singers safe for another week are…
Team Kelly’s Jake Hoot is safe
Team Gwen’s Myracle Holloway is safe
Team Blake’s Ricky Duran is safe

Kelly takes the stage with her team Hello Sunday, Jake Hoot, Max Boyle, and Shane Q for a performance.

In the next results…
Team Legend’s Will Breman is safe – John’s team is in tact
Team Kelly’s Shane Q is safe

Joana, Max, and Cali are all in the bottom three and are facing elimination. Only one of them will be saved via the instant save after they all give one more performance.

Up first is Team Blake’s Cali Wilson.

Next up is Team Kelly’s Max Boyle.

Rounding out the bottom three performances I Team Gwen’s Joana Martinez.

Kelly told Max that no matter what happens, he is welcome to come and perform with her in Las Vegas any time. Kelly noted that she would love to sing a duet with Max.

After the instant save vote, the final singer moving on to next week is Joana Martinez.

Max Boyle and Cali Wilson have been eliminated from the competition.